The Cat Refuses To Let Its Owner Leave The House. His Reaction Deserves An Oscar

cat refuses to let its owner leave the house

Cats love to walk in their paths. The time when they can take care of themselves is very important to them. In addition, these animals tolerate loneliness much better than dogs. An empty house for a few hours is not a big problem for them. At least usually. However, some people enjoy human company more than most cats. This is the case of a gray cat who thinks that his mistress Courtney should spend every moment near her.

Some animals do not tolerate loneliness well

The problem of leaving a pet alone at home usually concerns dog owners. However, there are cats that don’t see the charms of an empty apartment and certainly appreciate time spent with people more.

Pets’ reactions to the prospect of spending a few hours alone can be very different. Every individual is different, so they react differently to the same situations. Some will relieve their emotions by destroying various objects, others will stand at the door until their owner returns. Still others have a habit of verbally expressing their opinion on what they consider to be the brazen behavior of the owners.

The owner wanted to leave the cat home alone. She encountered strong opposition

Courtney decided to share with Internet users the unusual behavior of her beloved cat. A woman’s pet is extremely attached to her. Any attempt to leave the cat alone at home ends in huge blame!

@courtney_grewelle Every time Fergie thinks I’m about to leave the house, this is what I deal with. #cat #chonky #catsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Courtney

The animal, seeing that Courtney is about to leave, begins to loudly express his displeasure. He stays as close to his owner as possible and does not spare his ears – she meows as loud as she can.

Apparently, this pattern repeats itself over and over again. There’s no denying that some cats don’t like to be separated from their favorite people. The gray cat enjoys Courtney’s company very much.

The cat did not hide his indignation

Even Courtney’s return, in the eyes of the cat, wasn’t reason enough to shut up. The quadruped greets its owner with the same loud reproaches as when saying goodbye. A woman must certainly pay a lot of attention to her pet to be forgiven for going out.

@courtney_grewelle Momma’s home! #clingycat #cat #catsoftiktok #chonk ♬ original sound – Courtney

The video showing the reaction of the cat amuses many Internet users. Some are surprised by the reaction of the cat; others know this type of situation perfectly well.

How is your cat behaving? Does your departure from the house impress him or on the contrary is it a perfect excuse for a long peaceful nap?

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