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The cat felt rejected since she was placed in solitary confinement. This was her reaction when someone finally hugged her

An animal lover decided to adopt a cat from a shelter. A woman professionally involved in photography has shared how she found a pet with whom she developed a unique bond after first meeting. The chosen one of his heart turned out to be a cat with a difficult character. MK has never had a real friend before. Everyone rejected him to the point that he isolated himself – figuratively and literally. He finally found peace in the arms of his new guardian.

She decided to adopt a cat from a shelter. The choice was simple

A photographer named Brittany had been considering adopting a cat for a long time. After making sure she was capable of caring for the animal, she decided to go to a local homeless animal shelter. There, she talked with volunteers to determine which animal should become her pet.

cat rejected reaction hugged

She chose the saddest cat in the shelter. β€œSince then, we have been inseparable”

While looking at the cats in the care of shelter workers, Brittany’s attention was caught by a gray, tabby cat. Out of concern for the safety of the unit’s residents, the cat was isolated from the rest of the animals and seemed very saddened by the turn of events.

“I still remember walking into the section of the shelter for senior and adult cats and looking into the cages where the animals that didn’t get along with others were kept. I remember how I looked at her sweetly and immediately knew that she was made for me” – the woman confesses.

An elderly cat named MK arrived at the shelter in deplorable condition. For years, she struggled not only with homelessness, but also with many illnesses caused by wandering and prolonged stay on the streets. Additionally, Brittany also discovered that MK was not able to get along with other cats. For reasons incomprehensible to humans, the remaining cats in the shelter did not want to accept her and attacked her. This is why she remained in solitary confinement.

The story of the rejected and sick cat greatly moved the woman, so she asked one of her guardians to give her the opportunity to meet the animal. Much to the surprise of everyone present, immediately after being released from the cage, MK snuggled up to Brittany, clinging to her arm with her claws.

The suspicious cat decided to give herself a chance at happiness

The cat, previously suspicious and distant, behaved completely differently than usual when in the company of a woman. A few moments spent together were enough for Brittany to be sure she had found the pet of her dreams. She had no doubt that the only right choice was to adopt MK.

Since then, the senior cat has led a happy life. In addition, his tutor recounts his adventures on social networks. Brittany and MK have become inseparable. Together, they not only relax and have fun, but they also travel. The cat will never again have to fear being separated from the rest of the world. Its owner is ready to do everything to make her beloved animal feel the best in the world.

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