A Cat Returned 3 Times To The Shelter Finds A Home Forever

Cat Returned 3 Times Shelter Finds Home

Having a family is a luxury that not everyone has, especially stray animals. Oscar is a 10 year old cat who, being in a shelter, was adopted three times and, each time they returned him without giving much explanation, his heart broke at the rejection, so his caregivers, knowing how special this feline was and how sad he was, decided to post his story on social media, seeking to provide him with a forever home where he will be cared for, loved and respected.

RSPCA Burton wrote on Facebook:

“Oscar is in his third season with us since September, having been brought back due to his (at times) fiery nature.”

Sad cat was sent back to the shelter three times


Oscar is an elderly feline who lived in an animal shelter called RSPCA Burton, England. His first two families did not explain why they fired him, but this feline looked very saddened, but eventually he saw his life was rosy when other people interested in him arrived, they were excited to give him a decent life, a home and lots of affection, although no one was interested in him due to his advanced age, the last family gave him the opportunity to be with them.

The staff were very happy for Oscar, because he would finally have a home, but the most excited was this cat, but this happiness did not last long because after a few months he had returned. He would have bitten his last owner, but they thought that because it forced him to do things he didn’t want to do and one of the specs was not to do it.

Oscar looking for home

The RSPCA said:

“He purrs enthusiastically when he sees us in the morning, he’s far from being shy or nervous around people. However, he has shown an aggressive side at times and has unpredictable moments.”

They knew he was affectionate or cranky at times but that could change, it was unfortunate what had happened to him, after being in different houses he had fallen in love with the limbs and again his heart was broken when he had been abandoned by the people, he trusted the most.

Sad cat Oscar

The animal rights organization decided to tell the tragic story of this cat where many were moved to find out, and many requests came to adopt him, however, they could not break the heart of the cat again. ‘Oscar with a bad decision and bring him back, so this time they asked for more demands and got good responses and even adoption requests from Mexico, Australia, and Texas.

Oscar has found a forever home in Scotland

Liz, 58, and her husband, 53, decided to adopt this little feline, but they were from Glasgow. Thanks to the availability of the animal foundation, they organized everything and Oscar managed to arrive at his new family, where he will be respected and loved.

Today, Oscar is very happy and enjoys spending time with his family, who understand him, pamper him and take care of him in all circumstances. According to Liz, Oscar is friendly and outgoing.

Images: Facebook / RSPCA Burton

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