The Tender Moment When A Cat Is Reunited With His Owner After 11 Years

cat reunited with owner missing 11 years

His name is Tiger and his story has become a true viral phenomenon.

Domestic animals are, on many occasions, the best life companions for human beings. A reality that has given rise to numerous and tender stories in which these pets show their great loyalty to their owners. Although the dog is considered by everyone as ‘man’s best friend’, every day there are more cases in which cats attest to their dedication to their owners.

cat reunited with owner missing 11 years

This is the case of Tiger, a feline who has captivated Carol O ‘Connell, a worker at DCSPCA, a New York pet rescue center, when she saw him prowling her private home for more than three years. Seeing him more deteriorated with the passage of time and, after several days trying to get closer to him, this woman managed to scan his microchip (borrowing the machinery of the company where she works) and discovered along with his name (the cat was called Tiger), had been missing for 11 years. The information on the chip that the feline possessed offered Carol much more information about Tiger, including her owner. Thanks to the identification of the pet’s history, an unusual event occurred which, thanks to its peculiarity, has been around the world in headline mode.

Tiger went missing after running out of a door that had been left open at the family home, UPI reported.

cat reunited with owner missing 11 years

Carol found the identity of Tiger’s owner and contacted her confirming that she had lost her cat eleven years ago. The center itself was in charge of managing the encounter between the pet and its owner, giving rise to some tender images that have been around the world. Dr. Crum, director of the animal shelter, fired Tiger. As reported in the association’s own Facebook account, the animal was in good condition, taking into account the years that he lived as a stray cat. The emotional moment showed the connection between the pet and its owner, despite being a somewhat suspicious cat.

cat reunited with owner missing 11 years

As reported by the ABC channel, in charge of interviewing Maggie Welz, owner of the popular feline, she never lost hope of recovering her pet even after having moved to another neighborhood after the disappearance of the cat. As she assured this medium, Maggie asked the new tenants to “be on the lookout for him,” although Tiger never showed up. Despite not knowing where she may have been, Welz was tremendously happy to have him by her side again and assured reporters that she will stay in her home “for life.” This is not the incredible story of a pet that sees its owner again after many years apart. A year ago, in Tbilisi, Georgia, there was a beautiful reunion between Georgie, a dog and its owner. The video of the moment became viral thanks to the reaction of the dog when he heard the voice of her owner asking for him.


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