A Cat Runs To A Woman On The Busy Street And Asks Her To Take Her With Her

cat runs to woman on busy street

When Daniel, a dedicated animal rescuer from the Bronx, saw a small bundle of orange fur in a crowded parking lot, he rushed to investigate. As he cautiously approached the small feline creature, it began to run towards him as if it had sought his help all along.

Daniel comforted the cat, giving her much-needed affection before quickly reaching out to fellow rescuer Suzy, who is also the founder of the Saving Belladonna animal shelter.

Suzy told The Dodo:

“He called and said, ‘There’s this really skinny, incredibly friendly ginger cat. So, I drove to look for her. I thought it was a bird because it was so skinny.”

A cat runs to a woman and asks her to take it with her

cat runs to woman on busy street

When Suzy suddenly appeared on the busy one-way street, she didn’t realize at first that the bundle of bright orange fur in front of her was a kitten. Suddenly, however, he looked up and made direct eye contact with Suzy; without hesitation, she began to run towards her with the same speed as he had done when she had seen Daniel a few moments before.

Suzy added:

“She came running up to everyone on the street like that. She was begging to be saved.”

As soon as Suzy encountered the orange feline, she started rubbing against his legs and purring to get his attention. After a few tender strokes, she picked up a nearby carrier and carefully placed it next to her new feline companion.

In her attempt to secure the cat in her cage, Suzy’s clumsy and reckless efforts only scared the cat, which fled. Surprisingly, a few seconds later, he leaves as if nothing had happened.

The rescuer placed a bowl of wet cat food in the back of the carrier, hoping to lure the cat inside. After a long period of waiting and persuasion, he finally managed to close the door after his scruffy guest settled into his temporary home.

cat runs to woman on busy street

That same day, Suzy took the cat to a foster home and gave her much-needed affection in a spacious bathroom to get her through her quarantine. He pampered it with love and affection before giving it an endearing name.

Suzy says:

“I named her Flamingo because her nose is a unique pink color. She reminds me of the color of a flamingo.”

cat runs to woman on busy street

Knowing that Flamingo had worms and fleas, the rescuer gave him medicine. However, due to his severe underweight, sterilization was not possible at the time. They decided that the best thing would be a nutritious diet program so that his weight would reach 2 kilos before undergoing any procedure.

A few days after his rescue, Flamingo’s adoptive mother contacted Suzy with some unexpected news.

The rescuer remembers:

“She called and said, ‘I think she’s pregnant.'”

cat runs to woman on busy street

The next day, Suzy visited Flamingo and was pleasantly surprised to learn that she was pregnant! Although she was in the early stages of her pregnancy, Flamingo was smaller than ever in the weeks that followed.

The woman added:

“I saw her the day before she gave birth and she really wasn’t that big. I thought I had 2 or 3 kittens.”

cat runs to woman on busy street

The unexpected arrival of the Flamingo babies was a welcome surprise in her foster home, and the rescue team were delighted that they delivered these precious kittens to such a safe environment, rather than the busy streets where they l have found. Right now, mother and kittens are thriving, although they are still very small, but they’ve been growing every day since!

Although Flamingo follows a nutritious diet to reach his healthy weight, his progress has slowed due to breastfeeding. Once all of Flamingo’s kittens are weaned and she reaches her ideal body weight, she will be spayed so she can finally find a loving home with an adopter.

cat runs to woman on busy street

In about eight weeks, the adorable Flamingo kittens will be ready to return to their forever homes. When he has reached an age sufficiently mature to be able to consume solid food, each little one will be examined and vaccinated before being adopted.

While enjoying the warmth of a safe home, Flamingo and her babies are happy and enjoying their time together. Suzy and her adoptive mother express their deep gratitude for Flamingo’s well-being, but it’s not just them who feel it!

Finally, Suzy says:

“Flamingo is very grateful. She is so grateful and happy.”

Images: Instagram / savingbelladonna

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