The cat runs towards its owner and meows loudly. He only asks one thing, it’s a question of the utmost importance

cat runs towards its owner and meows loudly / @jaxzara

A certain cat named Zara was going through an extremely difficult time when her offspring was born. She may have proven herself as a new mom, but she too sometimes finds herself at the end of her rope. In a moment of weakness, she asked her mistress for help. The amused caregiver demonstrated how the cat signals the need to help care for the kittens.

Cat needs help taking care of her kittens

They can admire some people all day, while others are left out. I’m talking about cats, of course. Jax is the owner of a very friendly cat named Zara. The woman has been very close to her pet for years. It’s no wonder that during a very difficult time in his life, the dog decided to trust him implicitly.

Zara had children. It was her first litter, so she still lacked experience caring for newborn kittens. It soon became clear that caring for constantly hungry and fussy babies was a much more difficult challenge for her than she had initially anticipated. Despite the exhaustion and emotions that accompanied it, she did everything to be the best mother possible for her children.

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There are no exceptions. The sitter must also take care of the kittens

Despite her best efforts, Zara was unable to cope as a mother on her own. Fortunately, a close relationship with the owner was a guarantee of successful parenting. The cat knew perfectly well that she could count on the support of her beloved mistress.

The caregiver noticed that Zaraz had gotten into the habit of asking her daily for help caring for the kittens. Moreover, she did not hesitate to abuse the woman’s patience. Each time, he runs to Jax and meows loudly, asking him to take his place. A recording showing this heartwarming interaction was shared on TikTok, where the cat has a fairly large fan base.

The cat’s behavior affected many Internet users. Many people have noticed that this type of request demonstrates the great trust that the animal has in its owner. After all, for every mother, the safety of her children is the most important thing and she would never give such a precious treasure into the wrong hands.

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Is touching kittens a good idea?

However, some netizens had doubts about whether a woman should touch the little kittens. It turns out that this is a question that cannot be answered clearly.

Experts emphasize that before touching newborn kittens, you must first make sure that their mother has no objections. If, despite the cat’s objections, you decide to take its offspring in your arms, this can lead to an outburst of aggression and a weakening of trust. Worse still, some cats decide to abandon their kittens in such situations, which can lead to their death.

Not all animals are capable of fully trusting humans and this must be respected. However, looking at Zara’s behavior, you can be sure that alternating care works much better in the feline world than in humans.

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