A cat from a shelter needed help taking care of her kittens. However, the help did not come from a human

cat shelter need help kittens

When Smokey found herself in foster care, she had her hands full. Taking care of six children was not so easy, she needed help. The freshly baked mother could, fortunately, count on someone else. However, the nanny of the six kittens was not human. The unique animal knew how to tame the little live ones.

Mother cat moved to a new home with six kittens

A cat named Smokey came into a temporary home a month ago. She was not alone; she was accompanied by six kittens.

Chorizo, Pepperoni, Salami, Prosciutto and Pastrami, like Smokey, are gray kittens. Among them, a real raisin is Spam – a black and white kitten whose name is a kind of canned food for tourists. He also shows his individuality through his behavior. The black and white kitten always wants to be the center of attention and hates rejection.

Asa, who volunteers with the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, welcomed a family of seven into her home. She wanted Smokey to have the right conditions to raise the kittens, and when they grew up, she had to find them all a new home.

cat shelter need help kittens

Smokey the cat needed help. She took every opportunity to take a break from the kittens

Asa has prepared a comfortable place to sleep for a family of seven. She gave Smokey time to get used to the new situation. The mother cat immediately felt at ease in the new place. She lay relaxed with her tongue out as the babies rubbed her belly, trying to get into the milk.

Although she was a good mom, Smokey enjoyed every moment of respite. She was relieved when Asa appeared nearby. She could finally relax knowing that someone else would take care of her kittens.

cat shelter need help kittens

“Smokey is an amazing mom, but she’s also very laid back. She was so calm when we took care of her kittens, Asa said.

The woman helped however she could, trying to relieve the newly created mother of her parenting duties. However, it was not her who became the full-time nanny of six kittens, but someone completely different.

The babies had three mothers – human, cat and… dog. Smokey was finally able to rest

Smokey’s life changed for the better when a special guest showed up. When the kittens grew a bit, the babysitter decided it was time for the next stage of socialization. The Kona dog, known for her love of purring, had to help with that.

Smokey immediately accepted the extra help. Being a single mother of six kittens didn’t spare her. She could finally breathe.

He seems relieved every time I let Kona into the guest room. I think she sees Kona as a babysitter and says, “Thank God you’re here!”

cat shelter need help kittens

The mother cat places all her trust in Kona. He lets her do too much sometimes. The puppy “mothers” the kittens too much.

“Kona tried to ‘steal’ the baby (carrying a kitten by the neck) and Smokey didn’t care,” Asa laughs.

The little ones first saw Kona as a caring second mother. As they got older, their relationship changed a bit.

“Now that the kittens are older and more playful, they see Kona as a fun aunt (or mom) and are drawn to her every time they see her.

cat shelter need help kittens

Raised by three mothers, the kittens will eventually have to leave the foster home. Their human guardian states that when they grow up, she will try to find them a caring and loving family, which they have known while living with Asa.

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