7 Sleeping Positions For Your Cat And What They Mean

cat sleeping positions

How does your cat sleep? Does it stretch into a thread or does it roll up into a ball? His choice of sleeping position is not accidental. We’ve rounded up seven of the most “talking” poses to help you understand how your pet is feeling.

On average, cats spend 16 to 20 hours a day sleeping. But they keep sending signals to the outside world right now. Here are some tips to help you “read” your pet’s sleeping positions.

“Boule”: I am calm and comfortable

cat sleeping positions

The pose where the cat curls up into a ball, covering its paws with its tail, means your pet feels secure. This is the most common sleeping position not only for domestic cats, but also for the wild feline world. This position helps to minimize heat loss and ensure a comfortable sleep.

Belly Up: I Trust You

cat sleeping positions

The back position is the most vulnerable of all. Animals only open access to the stomach, where the vital organs are, if they are sure that nothing threatens them. From a position on its back, it is more difficult for a cat to get up and jump up if necessary. If your pet chooses this particular sleeping position, congratulations: you are part of their circle of trust!

“Burrito”: I’m uncomfortable

cat sleeping positions

How often do you find your pet buried in blankets or pillows? Cats like to hide, and if it doesn’t happen often, there’s nothing to worry about. But if the pet is constantly looking for places hidden from the eyes to sleep, it is worth considering: perhaps your pet lacks attention or is afraid.

Silent Observer: I am on alert

cat sleeping positions

In this case, it does not matter what position your pet has taken. If he hasn’t completely closed his eyelids and is looking at you from under his eyelashes, know that the cat or cat is agitated. Eyes half-closed, the animal does not fall into a deep sleep phase and dozes off, ready to jump on its feet at any time. This can often be seen in cats that are new to a family or experience anxiety in connection with repairs, the appearance of a child in the home, or other drastic changes in the environment.

On the side: I need to sleep

cat sleeping positions

The lateral position is very comfortable for the cat. It is in this position that animals see the most prolonged and vivid dreams. By lying on its side, your pet shows that it needs a good rest and asks you not to touch it.

“Stick”: I’m not well

cat sleeping positions

If the animal is dozing with its legs folded under itself, then most likely something is bothering it. In this position, the cat cannot completely relax, its sleep is superficial and it is ready to jump on its paws at any time. Light sleep may indicate that your pet is not well. And if at the same time he also became less active or his appetite disappeared, the animal should be shown to a specialist.


cat sleeping positions

This is the only pose for which there is no explanation. Sometimes cats take unimaginable positions during sleep, writhe with a pretzel, hang upside down from the sofa and experience no inconvenience. The flexibility of these creatures can only be envied. But if they are comfortable, why not?

Did you find any specific sleeping positions for your pet in our list?

Images: Pixabay

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