Cat Sneaks Into Zoo In Search Of A Safe Home, Befriends A Lynx

Cat Sneaks Zoo Befriends Lynx

Cats are often viewed as solitary animals who have difficulty communicating with others or showing affection, but this is not always the case. The playful kitten in this story has shown a great ability to relate to any feline, even a “dangerous” lynx. And it is that regardless of the type of animal, sincere friendships also develop.

It all happened at the St. Petersburg Zoo, when a European lynx became the best friend of a homeless Russian domestic kitten, who came to the scene in search of food and a warm roof where she could sleep.


It seems the kitten needs the lynx as much as he needs her,” zoo staff said.

The reason behind this unique friendship is that the kitten thinks the lynx is his mother, because when she met him, she was too young and she was sorely missing a mother figure in her life, as happens with any newborn baby. not protect.


Fortunately, realizing this beautiful friendship, the zoo decided to officially adopt the helpless kitten so that the two animals could live next to each other and enjoy every moment together.

It’s because all animals are looking for a mate. It is wrong to keep animals in captivity so that people can go and see them, it is better to keep them in pairs so that they can also have company,” commented one Internet user.

The images of the felines being together speak for themselves. They keep kissing and snuggling; while her eyes reflect a complex sense of happiness and satisfaction.


The lynx lets herself be filled with love for the kitten, even closing her eyes when she kisses him and joining in at all times in the tender games of the innocent feline. They put their two heads together like they never want to part ways and give us the best hug ever.

What a beautiful lynx. How happy they got along so well and the zoo adopted the cat,” said another Internet user.

Their incredible friendship went viral thanks to a moving video in which the great affection they have is appreciated, demonstrating that when friendship is genuine it goes beyond species, size, color, the sex or species you have.


Without a doubt, the days at the zoo for this protective lynx are the best since he lives accompanied by his faithful friend who makes him feel with her the love of the freedom he does not have.

Adorable Calico Cat and Lynx Grooming Video:

The Saint Petersburg Zoo is the oldest zoo in Russia; it is also called the Leningrad Zoo or Leningradskiy Zoopark. Sofia Gerhardt and Julius Gerhardt founded it in 1865. Today, it is home to around 2,000 animals, including more than 400 species. Perhaps the only enclosure in the zoo is the one containing the lynx and the calico cat.

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