Cat Makes Sure His Dog Friend Is Okay During A Storm

cat takes care of friend dog during storm

When the going gets tough, we all need the support of a good friend to let us know that everything will be fine in the end. Fortunately, Moose, a 7-year-old dog, can count on this unconditional friend, a cat named Marvin.

Mary Barnes rescued Marvin six months ago, so the curious kitten would become a friend and playmate to Moose.

Mary told The Dodo:

“I didn’t know how they would get along because Moose had never really interacted with cats, but she’s the sweetest, kindest girl, so I trusted them. They quickly became best friends. . Marvin has the personality of a dog, so they nap and play together all day.”

The cat takes care of his dog friend during the storm

cat takes care of friend dog during storm

Mary had to move to an apartment in downtown Detroit. Since then, he began to notice that Moose was becoming very sensitive to loud noises.

cat takes care of friend dog during storm

When Moose hears loud noises, like fireworks or thunderstorms, he immediately panics, begins to shake, and looks for a place to hide.

Mary said:

“I try to give her treats and keep her busy when it’s stormy, but she usually ends up going to the bathroom and hiding in the shower. She always hides in the shower, that’s her safe place.”

cat takes care of friend dog during storm

Fortunately, Marvin is not afraid of loud noises, nor of thunder shaking the windows, he is the ideal companion for Moose.

Mary was surprised to see the cat with a big gesture of love comforting Moose in his moment of fear and need.

Mary said:

“Last night was the first really big, long storm we’ve had in Detroit since Marvin has been with us. He was very curious and worried about his older sister.”

cat takes care of friend dog during storm

When Marvin saw his sister in this state, he knew she was in pain and he had to do something for her, he didn’t leave her alone.

Mary said:

“He was pacing in the shower to check on her. It took Moose out of the storm for a while, as she leaned in for kisses!”

The storm finally ended, so Moose and Marvin quickly got back to playing, relaxing, and spending lots of time together.

cat takes care of friend dog during storm

If there’s one thing they’ve both learned, it’s that having a best friend can make tough times easier.

If you want to know more about the adventures of Moose and Marvin, you can follow them on Instagram.

Images: Mary Barnes

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