Cat Takes Sick Kitten To Hospital And Doctors Rush To Help

cat takes kitten hospital turkey

The homeless cat was very worried as she carried her poor baby in her mouth, before presenting it to doctors at a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, for help. Fortunately, the Turks are known for their love and respect for animals and they gave this family the help they needed.

The sweet photos Merve Özcan then shared on Twitter show paramedics surrounding the poor mom and stroking her. During this time, they examined the little kitten to see what health problem he had.

In the Twitter post, Özcan then wrote:

“Today we were in the hospital emergency room when a cat brought her baby into her mouth.”

Cat takes sick kitten to hospital

cat takes kitten hospital (1)

The mom was given milk and food while taking care of her baby, which helped her feel a little more relaxed in the face of a very worrying time for her. But she was following her baby and did not lose sight of him, according to Turkish media.

cat takes kitten hospital
cat takes kitten hospital

After the human doctors examined them both, they noted that they were in good health. But they were taken to a veterinary center for more specialized feline care; just to make sure the mother and her kitten are okay.

cat takes kitten hospital

Özcan’s original tweet has garnered over 78,000 likes at the time of writing, and he then joked that his own cat was getting “jealous” because of all the attention the adorable duo were getting. .

cat takes kitten hospital
cat takes kitten hospital

The post shared by thousands of people on Turkish social networks was also liked by over 84,000 people on Reddit; where they praised hospital staff and paramedics for being so attentive to an animal in need.


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