A Cat Thanks The Woman Who Opened Her Doors To Him After Living Her Whole Life Outside

cat thanks woman opened doors lived street

This adorable cat thanks the woman who opened her doors to him after living on the streets all her life.

Anne, who is a volunteer foster carer at Kat Zoekt Thuis (Cat Looking for Home), an animal rescue center in Belgium, learned that a shy kitten suddenly appeared in the middle of a colony of cats one day.

The person responsible for taking care of the colony noticed that the feline was not wild, that it was quite shy, that it was also hungry and that it was visibly pregnant. Everything indicated that the cat was looking for food and a safe haven for her babies.

Anne told Love Meow:

After a week of gaining her trust, the feeder was able to pick her up, put her in a carrier and drop her off at my house.

Cat thanks the woman who opened her doors

rescued pregnant kitten

The feline, black and white, was called Iluna. When she arrived in her foster home, she seemed nervous and withdrawn, all because of the stress after so many changes in her life. Anne gave her a quiet and comfortable space to relax and allowed her to take the time she needed to fully relax.

Anna says:

She was used to people, but being indoors was definitely new to her. We suspect she was once a barn cat and was probably abandoned when they noticed she was pregnant. She was in bad shape, very skinny, covered in dirt and had scratches all over his nose.

cat in the window

Anne took care of the feline right away, cleaning her eyes and nose with love and care, giving her medicine to treat an infection and doing everything she could to reassure her that she was now safe. As soon as Iluna realized that life as an indoor pet wasn’t so scary, she started allowing Anne to pet her and let out her sweet purr for the first time.

Ann remembers:

She felt uneasy and cautious until she discovered the big window, from where she could look outside. I think that’s when he realized he was safe. He spent the whole first week (hanging out) on the windowsill.

cat and the woman who opened her doors to her after having lived abroad all her life

Anne decided to place the litter box on a platform to encourage Iluna to use it, as the feline seemed to take preference over all of the above. Slowly, Iluna started showing affection towards her new adoptive mother. One day, she approached Anne and greeted her with a nod, seeming to thank her for all she had done for her.

Anna said:

She loved it when I rubbed her pregnant belly. At first she would only eat if she was stroked. And after a few days she started eating on her own.

beautiful kitten eating

When Iluna went into labor after two weeks in her foster home, the feline seemed grateful to have a warm bed and a comfortable place, as well as a loving human being to keep her company during this time.

Ann assures:

The delivery went well. She allowed me to sit next to her during labor. Iluna is one of the best mother cats I have ever taken care of. She is very caring and affectionate. Many new moms are a little clumsy and sometimes lay on top of their babies. This never happens with Iluna. He is very nice to them and always knows where they are. If a kitten strays, it chases it in the blink of an eye.

cat thanks the woman who opened her doors

Over the weeks, the kittens will learn to walk and play. Once they are old enough and weaned, Iluna will be able to take a break from motherhood and spend more time with her loved ones, doing what she loves.

Now Iluna is sure that she will never be hungry or cold again. Once she finishes her mommy duties, she will be sterilized and find a forever family to spend the rest of her life with.

Images: Instagram / fosterkittens_be


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