Cat Training : What Commands Can A Cat Learn


Many pet owners like to train their pets and teach commands. With dog training, everything is clear, but with cats there are difficulties: for many it is not clear how to teach a cat some commands. However, representatives of the cat family are very learningable. The main thing is to know how to build a training process.

What can a cat learn?

Commands that dogs can learn, can also be taught to a cat, especially a curious one. It can learn to sit, lie down, give a paw, bring a toy and do different tricks. You can teach your pet the elements of the circus program: jump through a hoop, walk on its hind legs, bring a ball.

Of course, the training of cats is different from the dog, these are different types of animals, and an individual approach to them is needed.

For cats, special training systems have been developed that people use at home. With regular classes, even a 2 months old kitten will achieve positive results.

For the cat training, special conditions must be created, then the result will be as effective as possible:

  1. A four-legged friend must have a good health.
  2. It is better if the cat ate a long time before the training, then the reward in the form of goodies works better.
  3. A good, playful mood of the owner and the cat – it is important that the pet likes the process.
  4. The lesson should not last long, no more than five minutes: cats quickly lose interest in training.
  5. Age also matters – you should not train small kittens younger than two months old and old individuals, most likely this will not bring the desired results.

How to teach a cat to give a paw?

“Give a paw” is a simple command, each tailed one is able to learn it. It looks cute and spectacular. To teach a cat to give a paw is simple. You need to go to a sitting animal, put its paw in your hands with the words “Give a paw.” When the ritual is over, you need to reward the kitten for a successful command by a delicious treat.

A reflex should form in the experimental brain, which should provoke the kitten to give a paw, relying on pleasant memories.

If a cat reaches for a treat lying on his palm, then it is not necessary to take a cat’s paw in your hand. It is enough to pronounce the name of the command when the pet is trying to take a reward.

If the cat does not want to give a paw and is constantly distracted by more interesting things, it is better to postpone the training and prepare him for a new one, based on the first paragraph of the article.

Popular commands and tricks

If the cat was able to learn the first command, it’s time to start more difficult trainings. The animal remembers various tricks, especially the owners are interested in how to teach the cat to stand on its hind legs.

Choose a command in accordance with the nature of the pet, as they have individual preferences. Some cats respond better to active commands; phlegmatic individuals prefer calm ones. So, let’s see what you can teach a cat in the process of training:

Cat Training

Stand on hind legs

This trick looks graceful, and it seems that it is difficult. In fact, in order to understand how to teach a cat to stand on its hind legs, it is enough to look at its natural behavior.

A hungry cat reaches for food and rises above the floor. You need to say “Ask,” and when the cat gets up, it is given a well-deserved treat.

This does not always work right away. At first unsuccessful attempts are encouraged, gradually raising the tasty piece higher.

Almost every pet can learn this, and with great effort you can teach him not only to get up, but also walk on his hind legs. Such circus tricks always surprise guests and are remembered for a long time.

Bring a toy

Not every cat can learn this trick. Here the cat will need a tendency to take toys by its teeth. Some representatives – without training – bring back the thrown ball to continue the fun game.

You need to throw the toy and say “Bring”. If the cat runs after the toy and grabs it, you need to lure him back, giving a treat.

If the command was left without attention, it is necessary to entice the cat with delicious food and make it clear what you want from it. With a well-fed “fluffy” such a trick is practically impossible. Only hard training will help.

Cat Training


You can teach a cat to cast a voice, for this you have to wait until the pet is hungry, and will let you know about it with a loud meow.

It is necessary to say “Voice” and after treating it. Soon, the cat will understand the relationship between the word and reward.

The food is given directly to the animal; do not put it in a bowl. It is advisable to conduct training in different rooms so that the cat does not have associations with a bowl and feeding.

Cat Training

Lie down or sit

These two commands are similar to each other – the pet is given a treat at the moment when he is lying or about to sit down. It is important to consider his mood: he should be calm, not stay in a too playful mood.

It’s better to catch an animal about to sit down or lie down and name a command, and then give it a treat. Soon, the pet will begin to understand what is required of him and will begin to do it on his own.

The main thing is to conduct the training for these commands at different times so that the pet does not have confusion.

In order to teach a cat to sit on a command, it is not necessary to guard when he himself wants to sit down. You can push him on the back, thereby forcing the pupil to land on the fifth point.

At the same time, the owner commands the kitten to sit, gives a tasty treat. For many cats, this method is more understandable, but especially stubborn individuals will resist this method of training, for them it is better to use the first option.

Cat Training

Hoop jump

Jumping circus cats through the ring looks spectacular, but they can be taught this at home. This will require additional props – hoop, which are used for knitting.

It’s better to start training in the game, waiting for the cat to go through the ring itself. At this moment, the owner says “Hoop” and gives a treat.

When the pet understands the principle, he will go through the hoop with pleasure. Then each time the hoop rises higher and higher above the floor so that the cat jumps over it.

To me

To teach this command, you need to grab the attention of the pet, make him go to the owner. You can hold a treat and call the animal by name.

When the animal came to the call, the owner commands “To me”, then feeds a treat. If you repeat “Come to me” daily, soon the kitten will learn to approach to the call.

Cat Training


During the game, cats often attack the owner’s hands or a toy – at this point, you can teach your pet how to do bite. Of course, it is better to use toys for this training, so as not to accustom the animal to attack the owner.

When the pet attacks, say “Bite” and stretch out the treat. The cat will quickly remember this word and begin to attack, hearing “Bite”.

This command should be approached with caution, not everyone should be taught it, so as not to develop excessive aggressiveness. Training is carried out in a playful way; you can not attack a cat and provoke serious aggression.


Teaching a domestic cat is easy, it will take patience and desire. The abilities of animals are different, not every cat has talents for circus tricks, but every cat can master some. The main thing is to determine the inclinations and abilities, then the training process will bring joy to the owner and the cat.

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