A Cat Travels 40 Miles In Two Months To Find The Family He Lost During A Move

cat travels 40 miles find family lost move

Halie Kutscher and her family finished loading their belongings into the moving truck, while her cat Oliver played outside with family dog ​​Sasha; but then the cat disappeared. They never imagined that this would be the last time they would see their cat for a long time, but they never gave up hope of finding him.

The family will move from Bridgeport to Morgantown (West Virginia, USA). They waited for Oliver, searched thoroughly, and never found him. So, they decided to leave without him, vowing to return to Bridgeport and look for him, according to WBOY 12 News.

For weeks, the family drove back and forth to their old home, which had yet to be sold, to look for Oliver, who apparently never returned. They left food for him, they called him, but it was like he knew his beloved family was gone and that’s why he didn’t come back.

Cat travels 40 miles to find his family

Oliver and Sasha

Halie told The Dodo:

We knew we had time to keep going back to the old house to look for him, so we were still hopeful. We were going back there on the weekends.

Oliver, who was adopted by the Harrison County Humane Society, was apparently walking around looking for his loved ones. Meanwhile, Halie’s 9-year-old son cradled a stuffed orange cat for weeks, hoping to see his beloved Oliver again soon, as he never gave up hope of him. to regain.

Oliver and his sister

Unfortunately, each time the family returned to their old home, they were never able to find Oliver, and Halie’s son was heartbroken each time.

Halie said:

Every time we left without a sign of him, my son…cried nonstop. It was heartbreaking to watch.

The family’s hopes of finding their cat began to fade when they finally sold the house. But they notified Oliver’s new occupants and they agreed to let them know if he returned.


Time passed, and there was no news from Oliver. Now they had to find a way to break the bad news to their son, explaining that Oliver would probably be gone forever.

Halie said:

His dad and I didn’t think we would have to deal with the loss of a pet at such a young age.

But one day, out of nowhere, an orange cat appears in her garden. In a wonderfully incredible way, her beloved cat Oliver had located the new home, 40 miles away.

oliver cat

Halie posted on Facebook:

Tonight, he showed up in our backyard in Morgantown. He traveled at least 40 miles over the course of 2 months to find us. I’ve heard of things like this but never really believed that It was possible. Now I believe. Anything is possible. Our kitty Oliver is back home!

Like a slow-motion movie scene, Halie met Oliver in the yard, picked him up and carried him inside, bursting into tears.

She said:

As soon as we walked in, I fell to my knees and held him sobbing. He stayed there with me while the rest of the family and animals gathered around him.

Oliver walks 40 miles

Oliver was the same cat as before; despite everything he had been through on his journey to reunite with his family.

Hallie added:

He wasn’t scared or shy or anything. He seemed content and happy to be home, and tired.

The family later confirmed it was their cat, microchipped at the vet, and also found him to be in good health.

Oliver at home

The family may never know how your cat managed to find them, but the truth is that everyone is very happy to find him. Oliver, meanwhile, is resting after the long road he has traveled and happy to finally be with the people he loves most in the world.

Images: Halie Kutscher

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