Cat Gives Unconditional Love To Her Only Kitten After She Was Found Outside

cat unconditional love single kitten found outside

A pregnant cat has been taken to a 24-hour veterinary clinic after she was found wandering the streets homeless. Clinic staff immediately contacted their local rescue centre, Best Friends Felines, for assistance as the mum-to-be would need a safe home to give birth.

To everyone’s surprise, the cat they named Désirée went into labor much earlier than expected and gave birth to a big kitten that looked a lot like her.

Nikki, a volunteer at the rescue center told Love Meow:

Fortunately, we found a caretaker who was free to take him in. We weren’t expecting the birth for at least two weeks and were preparing for what we thought would be a larger litter.

Cat gives unconditional love to her only kitten

baby kitten

Nikki says:

Incredibly shocked, she gave birth to just one kitten, as is rare. We were concerned enough to take her to the vet for an ultrasound to make sure there were none left, just in case. she would need help.

Cat and his only kitten

Adorable Désirée and her only kitten moved into her caretaker Aly’s house and quickly settled in with great success. The feline eats well, relaxes, takes care of her kitten and has chosen the least expected place to feed her.

Despite comfortable beds, large boxes and the comfortable futon at her disposal, she positioned herself in the rigid and narrow part of the box of a small cat tree, thus having her precious baby named Tato, as close as possible from her.

Cat gives unconditional love to her only kitten

Nikki added:

As an only child, his love for Tato is boundless, there is no sibling rivalry to share all the attention and love with.

Mama cat and hers only kitten

After being together and inseparable for just over a week, Desiree finally started taking short breaks between breastfeeding and exploring the rest of the house and its occupants.

adorable tabby cat

From his first visit to the vet, Tato impressed everyone with his size. When he finally opened his eyes, he also found his voice and didn’t hesitate to use it whenever he wanted.

As soon as his legs were strong enough, he began to move. Tato does his best to be strong, he’s curious and moves when he’s not sleeping.

huge baby kitty

For her part, Désirée is dedicated to taking care of her little one, keeping him completely clean and making sure his belly is always full. Tato is a strong and very active boy who makes his mother very proud of his progress.

Aly says:

Tato also found he liked to stroke, and he closes his eyes and nudges my hand a bit to make the most of the contact.

Mama cat and hers kitty

The curious mother cat finally ventured out of her room to say hello to Aly’s resident cat and dog. And as soon as he hears Tato’s cries, he rushes to his side and licks him to comfort the baby.

The volunteer adds:

He doesn’t leave his room for very long, but I think as Tato becomes more mobile and independent, we could have some great cuddling sessions on the couch with Mom Desi.

lovely kitty

The mother and her adorable baby continue to charm their caregivers every day thanks to their adorable complicity. They give each other so much joy and comfort, they are amazing.

You can learn a little more about the work of Best Friends Felines on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Images: Facebook / Best Friends Felines


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