Cat Has Been Visiting A Couple Since They Moved Into An Apartment

cat visits couple moved apartment

Morgan Hizar and his boyfriend moved into his new apartment in the city of Paris, France a few months ago. They started to leave the door open once the weather started to be nice, and so it was that one night and unexpectedly, a little visitor appeared who was strutting happily as if in his own house.

They were really surprised to notice that there was now an orange cat in his house, who enjoyed walking every corner without caring about being watched by the couple. The feline took possession of the sofa as if he were the owner of everything in the house.

He is a friendly cat and let humans know that he enjoyed petting and pampering. He was very clean and seemed well fed, so Morgan and his boyfriend thought he belonged to some close neighbor.

Cat visits a couple in their apartment

cat visits couple moved apartment

The woman told Love Meow:

“Coincidentally, (that same day) I asked my boyfriend to buy a fish because it would be just the two of us. It was a sign.”

From that time on, the curious and mischievous cat continued to visit the couple’s home every day.

Morgan recounts:

“He comes every day, sometimes several times a day, as long as there is someone at home to let him come and go. The first thing he does every time he walks in is wander around every part of the apartment. He always finds new things immediately, sniffs them if there is something and then comes over to us to snuggle.”

As soon as he gets home from his new friends, he gets very comfortable and likes to rest on the couch or in bed, of course he first takes a long and meticulous bath before taking a nap with his friends. humans from him.

cat visits couple moved apartment

While Morgan’s boyfriend is working on the computer, the feline soon goes to supervise his work, and he settles in his chair whenever he sees the opportunity. He can’t see an empty lap because he immediately climbs in and snuggles up for a nap.

cat visits couple moved apartment

Morgan and his boyfriend decided to give his neighbor cat a name, so they call him Candy, and they already know the routine of his friend when he visits his home.

cat visits couple moved apartment

The woman adds:

“He is very kind, adorable and talkative, and he always meows at us. He has also started to be more playful. He is not shy at all. He approaches anyone and continues to feel at home.”

After a little research and talking to some of his neighbors, they found out that the cat belongs to an old man who also lives in his building. Morgan has considered visiting him and bringing him a present to tell him a little about her feline’s adventures, and how much she and her boyfriend appreciate him.

cat visits couple moved apartment

Caramelo has filled the couple with so much joy and fun since they moved in. They are very happy to share their home with their feline neighbor.

cat visits couple moved apartment

Morgan says:

“It’s his world. We just live in it.”

Images: Morgan @bisousmorgan

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