Cat Waits For Dad To Come Home Every Day To Help Him With A Big Stretch

cat wait dad come back help her stretch

Adorable spoiled kitty waits every day for his dad to come home to help him stretch; This is his particular routine.

Daisy is a charming cat, a little shy when it comes to meeting new people, and she is quite affectionate with those close to her, especially her father, with whom she has created a somewhat special routine. The cat usually waits for its father to come home each day to help it stretch.

After seeing TikTok posts about helping cats stretch, Daisy’s dad Callen wanted to try when the cat raises its paws. Little did they know it would become their adorable new daily routine.

Sydney Honeycutt, Daisy’s mother, told The Dodo:

Ever since Daisy was little, we’ve noticed that she always reaches for the sky when you pick her up.

Cat waits for daddy every day to help him stretch

cat waits for dad to help stretch

Callen thought it would be a good thing to try, but it never occurred to him that Daisy would like him that much. Now the sweet cat waits for his father every day to help him stretch, and of course he does it with pleasure.

Sydney enjoys watching the interaction between her boyfriend and her cat. She said:

Every time Callen comes home, Daisy waits in our chair closest to the door for him to say hello and stretch her. Always accompanied by an ‘Ooooh great stretch’ from Callen or me. Daisy s She’s looking forward to it every time Callen walks through the door.

cat waits for dad to help her stretch

Daisy’s mom decided to share her story in a Facebook group with a fun and sweet video. She wrote in the post:

My chonky daughter Daisy waits for my boyfriend to come home everyday so she can ‘give him a stretch’ as ​​he calls it lol. She loves this routine obviously.

cat stretches

Spending time with her dad is definitely her favorite time for Daisy, and of course she doesn’t plan to stop doing it, and while she doesn’t get mad if her dad forgets, she makes sure to hold on to it. responsible and to remind him that something is missing.


Sydney adds:

She won’t get mad if it doesn’t happen, but she will follow Callen wherever he goes if he doesn’t and she will wait for him to finally do it.

There’s no doubt that Daisy and her father are happy with their routine; It’s their special way of showing how much they love each other.

Images: Facebook / Sydney Honeycutt


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