The cat wanted to show who is the king of the village. When he raised his paw towards the chickens, it got really scary

cat wanted show king village chickens

The farm cat shook the whole farm and was constantly looking for a fight. One day, the self-proclaimed boss of the farm decides to play tag with his subordinates. He chose a chicken as his victim, but it moved away from the other birds. The little guy was convinced that he had the advantage over the feathered creature, but he failed to take into account one aspect that caused him to fall to the ground in the blink of an eye.

The cat thought he was the head of the house. He decided to attack the chicken

A certain black and white cat with a highly developed hunting instinct decided to give his neighbor a little kick. Since the animal lives in the countryside, the victim of its pranks was a chicken. At first, the bird did not suspect anything and, minding its own business, calmly walked around the farm, scratching the ground with its beak and hind legs.

The little boy sat down right next to the hen. He wagged his tail for a moment and looked straight into the bird’s eyes. The prey returned the predator’s gaze, which, in the opinion of the feline adversary, was apparently equivalent to accepting an invitation to a duel. The cat then attacked. The innocent hen suddenly found herself under the dog. She started giggling and flapping her wings desperately.

cat wanted show king village chickens

The hen had a friend she could count on

The attacked hen didn’t have to wait long for help. It turned out that her friend from the chicken coop had observed the situation from the beginning and immediately rushed to help her. Without a moment’s hesitation, she began to scare away the mischievous purr. She had warned him by ruffling his feathers, which was enough for him to understand the message. She didn’t have to go to the “platypuses”.

For a while, the birds thought they could leave the kitten alone and start looking for treats hidden in the ground again. But that was not the end of the fighting.

cat wanted show king village chickens

The chickens were outnumbered

Taking advantage of the second hen’s moment of inattention, the little hen attacked her from behind. Apparently, he couldn’t stand that she had the courage to interrupt his great pleasure. So the bird, who had already been a victim, decided to repay his friend. He jumped on the cat, thus chasing it away. There was quite a commotion. For a few moments, the two harassed birds were on alert.

Supporting the chicken coop housemates pays off, because by joining forces, the chickens finally discouraged the mischievous cat from bothering them, so they can return to their errands in peace. Mruczek learned a lesson that he will certainly remember for a long time, at least until the next hunt.

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