A Cat Greets Visitors To The Shelter And Hopes Someone Adopts It

cat welcomes visitors refuge hopes adopts

Mayhem is a charming 2-year-old tabby cat waiting for a home at the animal welfare organization Lollypop Farm in Fairport, New York. The cuddly cat greets visitors to the shelter with the illusion that someone can drive him home.

He’s a restless little guy and he’s looking for games all the time; Always attracts attention with her lively and cheerful personality.

Lollypop Farm told Love Meow:

“Mayhem first arrived at Lollypop Farm in early June after being abandoned by its owner. She was up for adoption, but unfortunately she returned to the shelter when her new home was not the right one.”

A cat welcomes visitors to the shelter for adoption

cat says hello

Mayhem is hoping to find a home, and for now, shelter staff are trying to provide her with all kinds of toys and fun activities to use her energy.

The refuge adds:

“He has a colony of giant kittens all to himself, full of cat toys, cardboard boxes, climbing towers, etc.”

Cat at the shelter

Lollypop Farm added:

“As the staff walk through the glass door that leads to his toy estate, Mayhem knocks on the door as if to say, ‘Come in and play with me! “And don’t worry – we do.”

He is a very cunning and intelligent cat, and no one knows how to refuse him when he is looking for play and attention; he enjoys the company of people.

Lollypop Farm says:

“He’s got a lot of energy and needs a lot of stimulation to keep himself busy. This might not be the right type of cat for everyone, but we know there is a cat lover who looks for a cheeky cat like him.”

cat welcomes visitors

The feline seems to yearn for a home and it shows every time it demands the attention of visitors. The shelter staff believe he can be adapted to a home with dogs, he is quite playful and is hoping to find the right home for this adorable kitten.

Cat through the glass

Mayhem continues to greet people through the window for now.

The shelter staff say:

“This beautiful cat will surely find the right home where he can play with cat toys as he pleases.”

Orange cat

You can visit the shelter’s Facebook page, learn more about their work, and find out more about Mayhem.

Images : Lollypop Farm

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