The Cat Won’t Let Anyone Sit In His New Favorite Chair

cat won't let anyone sit favorite chair

Yoshitsune (Yoshi) is a curious 5-year-old cat with a peculiarity; he does not hesitate to claim what he considers his property. The feline appreciates every new object her parents bring home, which she considers her gifts. The last item the cat likes is a gray and white chair that his mother bought a few days ago for the office, now it’s his favorite chair and she doesn’t let anyone occupy it.

Reina, the cat’s adoptive mother told The Dodo:

[She] likes new things, is nervous and impatient, but she understands the words people say.

This cat won’t let anyone use their new favorite chair

chair belongs to the cat

Yoshi has to share the chair with his father, which is not to the liking of the cat who usually places his paw in the space between the seat and the backrest, and leans on the cushion to prevent the man from comfortably occupy the chair.

cat and his new chair

The cat is very possessive of the chair and whenever his foster father sits on it, Yoshi immediately shows his disgust.

the cat's chair

The cunning cat does everything possible to make his father uncomfortable leaving the chair; they usually support their body on the backrest and push it with their legs.

cat and chair

If that doesn’t serve his purpose, he turns to his mother with dramatic gestures for her to help him take his place back.

cat wants his chair

Reina photographed the hilarious scene earlier in the month and wrote in a Twitter post:

The new room is my place. In a way, my dad is still sitting on the road.

cat and his favorite chair

Yoshi still manages to get her chair back, her father understands that she doesn’t want to share and goes to the cat.


Her family know that as soon as a new item arrives home, they will be able to get their chair back.

Images: Instagram / yoshi__ben

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