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Having a dog implies a responsibility, because its life will depend on us. There are basic guidelines that must be followed to take good care of our dogs, and we will be talking about these in this Pets Feed section. Some advice may seem obvious things, but the truth is that not everyone know them, or tend to forget.

Tips Prevent Separation Anxiety Dogs

4 Tips To Prevent Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Knowing how to prevent the development of this disorder in dogs is very important. Here, then, are some tips on how to do it It...
Pekingese basics care

Pekingese: the basics of care

In this article, you will learn how to take care of your Pekingese, how to maintain health and feed your dog, and consider other...
Managing Fear Of Humans In Dogs

Managing Fear Of Humans In Dogs

Dogs are social animals, so much so that their role in the home today has changed compared to some time ago. From a figure...
Shy Cat

How To Deal With A Shy Cat?

Owners of nervous cats often get worried. They believe that muffling their voices and tiptoeing from room to room is the right strategy for...
7 Essential Products For A New Puppy

7 Essential Products For A New Puppy

It is important to prepare for the appearance of a puppy in the house in advance so that he can easily and comfortably get...
Choosing A Maine Coon Kitten

Choosing A Maine Coon Kitten – Complete Guide

In this article, the question will not be discussed: "How to choose a HEALTHY Maine Coon kitten?" Much has already been written about this....
how to train a dog to poop outside

How To Train A Dog To Poop Outside?

We have prepared for you three steps to solve this problem, which must be repeated until the dog learns to go to the toilet...
How To Train A Kitten Not To Bite

How To Train A Kitten Not To Bite

Kittens are very mobile and playful. For them, the game is not only entertainment, but also a way to get comfortable in the environment,...
How Long Is Pregnancy In Cats

How Long Is Pregnancy In Cats

Often, owners, who have never encountered childbirth with a pet, have no idea how long a cat’s pregnancy is. But it’s not enough just...
Aggression Between Dogs Same House

Aggression Between Dogs Living In The Same House

In order to understand conflicting dogs and help them cope with the problem, it is necessary to be able to distinguish between normal and...

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