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Having a dog implies a responsibility, because its life will depend on us. There are basic guidelines that must be followed to take good care of our dogs, and we will be talking about these in this Pets Feed section. Some advice may seem obvious things, but the truth is that not everyone know them, or tend to forget.

Train Dog training

How To Train A Dog? Taking The First Steps

Owning a well-trained and intelligent dog is not only convenient, but also prestigious. Therefore, most owners spend an impressive amount of time...
Cat Training

Cat Training : What Commands Can A Cat Learn

Many pet owners like to train their pets and teach commands. With dog training, everything is clear, but with cats there are difficulties: for...
Dog Breeds for New Owners

Dog Breeds for New Owners – Which Dog to Get

Not sure which dog to get? Then use our guide to the best breeds of dogs for beginners. Perhaps this will help you choose...
Cat Exercise

Cat Exercises: Everything You Need to Know

Although domestic cats love to rest and doze off, they also need to play and move. Find out why activity is important, how to...
Dogs Learn

How Dogs Learn? Understanding How Dogs Think

In the last two hundred years, our relationship with dogs become more complex. Dogs became involved in many aspects of human life:...
dog eats grass

My dog eats grass. What does it mean?

Dogs do many bizarre things, and one of these oddities is eating grass outside. Veterinarians say that about 80% of furry pets love to...
newborn kitten

How to Feed a Newborn Kitten?

Kittens are born completely powerless - without hearing, sight, with poor thermoregulation, and all care for them in the first month, as a rule,...
Mating Dogs

Mating Dogs. From Theory to Practice

So, you turned out to be the happy owner of a purebred female, decided to start breeding dogs and came to such an important...
Bringing Home New Puppy

Bringing Home a New Puppy. First Day and First Night

As a result of long disputes, all family members came to a single decision and chose the breed of the future four-legged pet. And...
Dog Microchipping Microchip

Dog Microchipping. Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, stray animals are a rather pressing problem, but the worst thing is that among them there are a huge number of former pets....

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