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Having a dog implies a responsibility, because its life will depend on us. There are basic guidelines that must be followed to take good care of our dogs, and we will be talking about these in this Pets Feed section. Some advice may seem obvious things, but the truth is that not everyone know them, or tend to forget.

how to train a dog to poop outside

How To Train A Dog To Poop Outside?

We have prepared for you three steps to solve this problem, which must be repeated until the dog learns to go to the toilet...
How To Train A Kitten Not To Bite

How To Train A Kitten Not To Bite

Kittens are very mobile and playful. For them, the game is not only entertainment, but also a way to get comfortable in the environment,...
How Long Is Pregnancy In Cats

How Long Is Pregnancy In Cats

Often, owners, who have never encountered childbirth with a pet, have no idea how long a cat’s pregnancy is. But it’s not enough just...
Aggression Between Dogs Same House

Aggression Between Dogs Living In The Same House

In order to understand conflicting dogs and help them cope with the problem, it is necessary to be able to distinguish between normal and...
Dog Afraid

My Dog Is Afraid Of Other Dogs: Reasons – Solutions

A person dreaming of a dog imagines a brave pet who is not afraid of anything and at any moment can rush to protect...
think twice before buying bengal cat

He Is Adorable But You Should Think Twice Before Buying A Bengal Cat

"When you consider how many cats are fighting for their lives in shelters right now, it becomes almost impossible to justify spending thousands of...
American Pit Bull Puppies puppy

American Pit Bull Puppies: Care, Feeding, Education

A mischievous prankster and at the same time wise, confident and balanced dog. With unrivaled strength and amazing dedication, this is all an American...
Cane Corso puppy Puppies

Cane Corso Puppies: Features Of Selection, Feeding And Care

Cane Corso puppies are adorable hulks that grow very quickly in the first six months. A tiny fat-footed one-month-old baby reaches the height of...
Things Never Do To A Cat

Things You Should Never Do To A Cat – 10 “No” For A Cat...

Often, in order to maintain order in the house, we are strict in relation to our pets. They cannot urinate past the litter box,...
Neutered Dog food

Proper Nutrition For A Neutered Dog – The Guidelines

Neutering or spaying a dog changes its behavior. Animals become calmer, more obedient. In the body, there is a change in hormonal levels. Because...

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