Sunday, September 27, 2020
Cat Training

Cat Training : What Commands Can A Cat Learn

Many pet owners like to train their pets and teach commands. With dog training, everything is clear, but with cats there are difficulties: for...
Cat Exercise

Cat Exercises: Everything You Need to Know

Although domestic cats love to rest and doze off, they also need to play and move. Find out why activity is important, how to...
know cat age

How to know the age of a cat?

Knowing the age of a cat is of vital importance to establish what will be its care and what will be the type of...
cat games

How To Keep Your Cat Amused For Hours

Games to entertain my cat Playing with your cat is just as important as keeping it well fed and...
Caring For Cats

How To Care Correctly For Cats – 8 Golden Rules

Remember that from now on, the life of the animal is in your hands. Love for him, as well as ensuring his...
cat care

Help Your Cat To Groom : Coat, Claws, Eyes And More

A cat is the cleanest animal, because it spends a lot of time washing. But sometimes the cat itself cannot put itself...

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