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Things Never Do To A Cat

Things You Should Never Do To A Cat – 10 “No” For A Cat...

Often, in order to maintain order in the house, we are strict in relation to our pets. They cannot urinate past the litter box,...
cat home alone

How Long Can I Leave A Cat Alone At Home?

Despite the fact that the cat is an independent animal, he still wants to get some attention and communication with humans. Left home alone,...
Cat Training

Cat Training : What Commands Can A Cat Learn

Many pet owners like to train their pets and teach commands. With dog training, everything is clear, but with cats there are difficulties: for...
Cat Exercise

Cat Exercises: Everything You Need to Know

Although domestic cats love to rest and doze off, they also need to play and move. Find out why activity is important, how to...
know cat age

How to know the age of a cat?

Knowing the age of a cat is of vital importance to establish what will be its care and what will be the type of...
Introducing New Kitten Older Cat

Introducing a New Kitten to Your Older Cat

So you read somewhere that bringing a new kitten into your home could be beneficial for your existing cat, for the company. And you...
The importance of playing with your cat

The importance of playing with your cat

Playing with your cat has many benefits, including strengthening the bond between humans and felines, as well as preventing conditions such as being overweight...
cat biting scratching me

My cat is biting and scratching me – what should I do?

Do you feel like your little pet is attacking you? If you have noticed that your cat is constantly biting and scratching or unexpectedly...
prevent cat scratching sofa

How to prevent my cat from scratching the sofa

How to keep the cat from scratching the sofa or other furniture is usually a headache for many owners. You must understand that this...
neutered cat continues mark

My neutered cat continues to mark

There is no doubt that cats are great companions: elegant, playful and intelligent. However, sometimes there can be situations that confuse us and break...

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