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Azawakh | Dog Breed Information & Facts – Pictures

Azawakh is a breed of greyhounds, originally from Africa. They have been used as a hunting and guard dog for centuries, as although they...
The Smallest Cat Breeds In The World

The Smallest Cat Breeds In The World

Who can be cuter than a kitten? Sometimes you want to stop time so that the little fluffy miracle doesn't grow so fast. Indeed,...

8 Breeds Of Water Dogs

Water dog breeds are a medium sized dog family, and they are distinguished by their woolly and / or curly coats, active demeanor, and...
Rarest Dog Breeds

10 Of The Rarest Dog Breeds You Need To Meet

Dogs and cats are man's best friends, but if the latter are on your mind and you can't call them service animals, then dogs...
Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

Belgian Shepherd Tervuren | Dog Breed Information & Facts

Tervuren stands out among other Belgian shepherd dogs, as it has a more expressive exterior. He has a luxurious ripe coat, a strong build...
Belgian shepherd Laekenois

Belgian shepherd Laekenois | Dog Breed Information

Among the other 4 species of Belgian Shepherd Dogs, the Laekenois definitely stands out. She is not inferior to the rest either in physical...
Five Fun Wrinkled Dog Breeds Shar Pei

Five Fun “Wrinkled” Dog Breeds

Agree, dear dog lovers, how cute and charming dogs look with funny skin folds - wrinkles! Some shriveled purebred dogs at one time were...
Strongest Dog English-Mastiff

What Is The Strongest Dog: Top-10

A strong dog doesn't mean he's aggressive. They can be just as friendly, affectionate, and fun. These dogs only use their strength as a...
Fox Terrier

Fox Terrier | Dog Breed Information & Facts – Pictures

Fox Terrier is a breed of small, square-shaped dogs traditionally specialized in burrow hunting. Today fox terriers exist in two varieties - wire-haired and...
Designer Dog Breeds

12 Designer Dog Breeds – Cutest Crossbreed Dogs You Might Not Have Heard Of

The term "designer dog breeds" appeared at the turn of the 20th century, and representatives of this trend of dogs are gaining more and...

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