Tuesday, August 11, 2020
St. Bernard puppy

St. Bernard Puppies (Photos): Rules Of Care And Education

Having decided to buy a St. Bernard puppy, the future owner must soberly assess his capabilities. A large dog requires not only...
Guess the breed of the dog

Guess The Breed Of The Dog By The Description

If you have a four-legged friend in your house, you can probably guess the dog breed from a short description of its...
chinese dog breeds

5 Unusual Dog Breeds From China That Are Gaining Popularity

Unusual dog breeds have always interested people. Nowadays, Chinese breeds, which were previously little known, are actively gaining popularity.
Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds

Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds

There is no precise definition of medium-sized dogs, but nevertheless, as a rule, they include those breeds that weigh from 12 to...
Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound | Information & Dog Breed Facts

Representatives of the Greyhound breed will absolutely please a true connoisseur of greyhounds. The Italian Greyhound differs from the rest of the...
Welsh terrier

Welsh terrier | Information & Dog Breed Facts

It is difficult to find a more active and positive pet than the welsh terrier. This wonderful dog, appearing in your house,...
Dog Breeds for New Owners

Dog Breeds for New Owners – Which Dog to Get

Not sure which dog to get? Then use our guide to the best breeds of dogs for beginners. Perhaps this will help you choose...
Irish Terrier

Irish Terrier | Information & Dog Breed Facts

The guard, hunting dog is the Irish Terrier. It is also called the "universal rural dog." This name is justified by the...
Brussels Griffon Griffon Bruxellois Belgium Griffon Petit Brabançon Griffon Belge Brabançon Griffon

Brussels Griffon | Information & Dog Breed Facts

The Brussels griffon, the Belgian griffon and the petit brabançon, are companion dogs originating from the Belgian city of Brussels. It can well be...
Border terrier

Border Terrier | Information & Dog Breed Facts

The Border Terrier is a dog that is valued primarily for its wonderful character, friendly disposition and ability to quickly adapt to any living...

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