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Somali cat

Somali cat | Information & Cat Breed Facts

Somali is a cat of average constitution: firm, agile and with a good musculature. The head is shaped half-wedge with soft contours. The ears...
American bobtail

American Bobtail | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The American bobtail is a fairly young breed that has gone unnoticed until recently, overshadowed by the Japanese bobtail with which it has no...
Neva Masquerade cat

Neva Masquerade | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The Neva masquerade cat got its name for its characteristic dark markings on the face, which really resemble a carnival mask. The Neva masquerade cat...
Bombay Cat

Bombay cat | Information & Cat Breed Facts

Bombay is a medium sized cat, with black fur like patent leather. His head has a gently rounded skull, rounded ears and a broad,...
Scottish fold

Scottish Fold | Information & Cat Breed Facts

Among the ideal cat breeds to have at home, there is one that stands out for its unique beauty: the Scottish Fold. This cat...
Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail | Information & Cat Breed Facts

Japanese bobtail belongs to one of the oldest breeds of cats, descriptions of these cats are found in ancient manuscripts, which are several centuries...
American Curl

American Curl | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The American curl cat stands out for its ears and, although it is a relatively young breed, it is tremendously popular in its country...
Pallas manul cat

Pallas’s cat | Information & Cat Breed Facts

A wild inhabitant of the steppes and foothills, a ruthless predator with a charming muzzle and the most furry fur, a Pallas's cat, also...
Laperm cat

Laperm | Information & Cat Breed Facts

It is difficult to resist the charm of LaPerm cats. Their distinctive feature is a curly, wavy coat that you just want to stroke....
Chartreux cat

Chartreux cat | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The Chartreux cat was originally used as a rat hunter, but now it is an excellent pet characterized by its calm personality, its beautiful...

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