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Korat cat

Korat The Cat of Happiness | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The Korat cat is a mysterious animal that appeared in Thailand. Many legends are associated with him. Residents of the area where the Korat...
Laperm cat

Laperm | Information & Cat Breed Facts

It is difficult to resist the charm of LaPerm cats. Their distinctive feature is a curly, wavy coat that you just want to stroke....

Ocicat | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The Ocicat is a rare spotted-ticked breed bred in the United States by crossing Siamese, Abyssinian and American Shorthair cats. Ocicat are domestic cats, outwardly...
Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The Egyptian mau is an athletic and elegant looking cat characterized by a random mottled pattern. It is said that the Mau have an...
Ashera cat

Ashera cat | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The ashera cat is undoubtedly a very popular cat, either because of its slender and beautiful silhouette, the calm and silent character or the...
Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex | Information & Cat Breed Facts

Sweet and affectionate, the cornish rex, a cat with big ears and beautiful wavy hairs that has won thousands and thousands of hearts around...
Scottish fold

Scottish Fold | Information & Cat Breed Facts

Among the ideal cat breeds to have at home, there is one that stands out for its unique beauty: the Scottish Fold. This cat...
Turkish Van cat

Turkish Van | Information & Cat Breed Facts

With a fluffy and cottony coat, a captivating look and a sociable character, the Turkish Van cat breed has many characteristics that make it...
American shorthair cat

American shorthair | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The American Shorthair cat is rightfully considered the purring symbol of the United States. It is difficult to resist this graceful beauty and her...
Chinchilla cat

Chinchilla cat | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The Chinchilla cat is not a separate breed of cats, but an amazing color that turns the hair of British, Scottish and Persian cats...

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