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funniest dog breeds

TOP 10 funniest dog breeds

You must have seen funny dogs and you think that we are unlikely to surprise you? Indeed, almost any dog ​​can make funny faces,...
Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound | Information & Dog Breed Facts

One of the largest dogs in the world is the Irish Wolfhound. Huge dimensions do not interfere with the look of this animal elegantly....
Boerboel dog

Boerboel | Information & Dog Breed Facts

South African Boerboel - a dog with great physical abilities. In the past, such a dog was an invincible fighter participating in battles with...

Groenendael | Information & Dog Breed Facts

A beautiful dog in a saturated black color is the Groenendael. It is his color that is the hallmark of the breed. Thanks to...
Belgian Shepherd Dogs

Belgian Shepherd Dogs | Information & Dogs Breeds Facts

Belgian shepherds can be safely attributed to the cynological heritage of Belgium. This breed of dogs is the real pride of the inhabitants of...
English Mastiff

English Mastiff | Information & Dog Breed Facts

The list of the rarest and largest breeds includes the English mastiff. It would seem that such a huge dog is hardly suitable for...
American Bandogge Mastiff Bandog

American Bandogge Mastiff – Bandog | Information & Dog Breed Facts

In addition to fighting talent, the American Bandogge has watchdog and security qualities. The mind, strength, and endurance of the animal make it possible...
Dog breeds most health problems

Dog breeds with the most health problems

Have you ever wondered which are the sickest dog breeds? Why are some dog breeds less healthy than the others? If you are considering...
Dalmatian dog

Dalmatian | Information & Dog Breed Facts

The Dalmatian is one of the most popular dog breeds, known for its particular black (or brown) spots on the white coat....
Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux | Information & Dog Breed Facts

The dogue de bordeaux is a strong and powerful dog from France, which is part of the mastiff family. It is a breed of...

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