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Rarest Cat Breeds

Rarest And Unique Cat Breeds You Probably Don’t Know About

Do you want to have a cat that is not like everyone else's, but do not know which of the rarest and unique breeds...
American shorthair cat

American shorthair | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The American Shorthair cat is rightfully considered the purring symbol of the United States. It is difficult to resist this graceful beauty and her...
Peterbald cat

Peterbald Cat | Information & Cat Breed Facts

Peterbald is a hairless breed of graceful and elegant cats originally from St. Petersburg. Thanks to their friendly and docile nature, the Peterbald cats...
American bobtail

American Bobtail | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The American bobtail is a fairly young breed that has gone unnoticed until recently, overshadowed by the Japanese bobtail with which it has no...
American Curl

American Curl | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The American curl cat stands out for its ears and, although it is a relatively young breed, it is tremendously popular in its country...
Neva Masquerade cat

Neva Masquerade | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The Neva masquerade cat got its name for its characteristic dark markings on the face, which really resemble a carnival mask. The Neva masquerade cat...
Pallas manul cat

Pallas’s cat | Information & Cat Breed Facts

A wild inhabitant of the steppes and foothills, a ruthless predator with a charming muzzle and the most furry fur, a Pallas's cat, also...
Chinchilla cat

Chinchilla cat | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The Chinchilla cat is not a separate breed of cats, but an amazing color that turns the hair of British, Scottish and Persian cats...
European shorthair

European Shorthair | Information & Cat Breed Facts

Also known as the Roman cat, the European Shorthair cat is, as its name suggests, one of the most common breeds found in Europe....
Himalayan cat

Himalayan cat | Information & Cat Breed Facts

How often have you met Persian and Siamese cats? Now imagine what their direct descendant might look like - the Himalayan cat, taking only...

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