Sunday, May 9, 2021
Thailand save 4 cats sinking ship

Thailand: They save 4 cats from a sinking ship

Four small cats were trapped in a sinking abandoned ship near the Thai island of Koh Adang, which was also on fire, with thick...
TOP 10 Best Food For Cats

TOP 10 Best Cat Food | Brands Review

People who keep cats at home are thinking about the question of their proper nutrition. It has long been known that regular food is...
How Long Is Pregnancy In Cats

How Long Is Pregnancy In Cats

Often, owners, who have never encountered childbirth with a pet, have no idea how long a cat’s pregnancy is. But it’s not enough just...
cat reunites family disappear 3 years

Cat Reunites With His Family After Disappearing 3 Years Ago In A Landslide

On the third anniversary of the landslide disaster in Montecito, California, a cat reunites with his family Following devastating landslides and mudslides in Southern California...
rare cat breeds

5 rare cat breeds you might not have known existed

We suggest that you get to know better the cat breeds whose names do not flash as often as in the case of British...
Man building custom towers for cats

Man spends a year building two custom towers for his cats

A Connecticut resident man decides to build two custom towers for his cats to have comfort and entertainment. It is not a secret that cats...
Pets Want Come Home

Pets That Want to Come Home Right Now

If you are a pet owner, then you know that when dogs or cats want to go outside, it means RIGHT NOW! But, as...
Man returns warzone save abandoned cats

Man returns to warzone to save abandoned cats

For months, Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel has been traveling to Kafr Nabl, a Syrian town recently hit by airstrikes, with one goal in mind: to...
Cat Couple Babies

Cat Couple Asks To Be Allowed Into This House To Have Their Babies

An adorable couple of cats thankfully meet the right people and ask them to let them in to have their babies. When Gianna Llewellyn and...
Huggs Rescue Cat Thanks Every Day Hugs

They Rescue A 9-Year-Old Cat And He Thanks Them Every Day With Sincere Hugs

Abandoned animals have a much higher chance of being rescued when they are babies, since they awaken a tenderness that adult animals cannot awaken...

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