Monday, November 30, 2020
Arthur Maine Coon cat Game Of Thrones

Maine Coon Cat Gets Game Of Thrones Iron Throne Made Of Cardboard

There are those who say that cats are already the kings of the houses, but we have never seen one with a throne. Well,...
Ah Fei Cat Makes Faces

This Cat Makes Faces And Makes Everyone Laugh

Let's be honest: the main function of the internet is being able to see funny pictures of cute kittens. So, in order for a...
Phil Heckels Horrible Portraits

Man, Who Can’t Draw Takes Horrible Portraits To Raise Money For Charity

A man has become a popular artist despite not knowing how to draw, as he makes 'horrible portraits' to raise funds. Phil Heckels, a 38-year-old...
Siham enters sewer save puppies

She Enters A Sewer Pipeline To Save Puppies

Sometimes the real heroes aren't Superman or Captain America, but ordinary people we meet every day. Siham Aissaoui is further proof that not all heroes...
Banner husky saves abandoned kittens

This Dog Saves 7 Abandoned Kittens And Becomes A Surrogate Mother

We bring you the story of a real superhero who has made the world a better place by bringing hopeless baby kittens back to...
Mailman Takes Selfies Animals He Meets

Brazilian postman befriends cats and dogs he meets on his route. They adore him...

Angelo Cristiano da Silva Antunes not only distributes letters and parcels around Sao Paulo, but also takes care to give a little love and...
dogs raise rescue kitten thinks hes a dog

Dogs Help Raise Rescue Kitten, And Now The Cat Thinks He’s A Dog

A few years ago, a Belgian firefighter rescued a kitten and decided to adopt it. The man took the animal home, hoping that the...
Stray Cat Enters Apartment Have Kittens

Stray Cat Enters An Apartment To Have Her Kittens And Receives Help Just In...

An adorable homeless tabby cat walked into an apartment in order to get help giving birth, and fortunately received the help she needed in...
What’s Wrong With My Cat

“What’s Wrong With My Cat?” The Online Group Where Owners Share Their “Malfunctioning ”...

It's incredible how little we all know about our furry friends we love such a lot. Now, we’re sure about it, and we've proofs...
stray cat leads woman food conejo elgato

Stray Cat Guides A Woman To The Supermarket And Points Out Her Favorite Food

A Mexican teacher adopts Conejo, the cat that was found at the door of a food store and guided him to his favorite food. His...

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