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Dog training is a responsible and important business; it will require maximum endurance, patience and special knowledge from you. Therefore, before starting your daily training, try for yourself to answer the question of how to train your dog. To do this, you need to remember a few basic rules, which can be conventionally called the “trainer’s code”. In this Pets Feed section, we will share with you dog training tips and advice, that will help you get a well-behaved dog.

Helpful Tips Dog Training

Helpful Tips for Dog Training

The information provided will be useful to any dog owner/ dog breeder. Raising a puppy starts from the moment you bring him home. At first...
Train Dog training

How To Train A Dog? Taking The First Steps

Owning a well-trained and intelligent dog is not only convenient, but also prestigious. Therefore, most owners spend an impressive amount of time teaching their...
Dogs Learn

How Dogs Learn? Understanding How Dogs Think

In the last two hundred years, our relationship with dogs become more complex. Dogs became involved in many aspects of human life: herding; assisting...
Dog Obey You

How To Make Your Dog Obey You?

If, in your opinion, you are doing everything right, and your dog still does not listen to the owner, then in this article we...

How To Get Dog Urine Smell Out Of Carpet

Dogs are adorable creatures especially with their cute and clever antics! We love their way of playing, how they go to look, run, jump,...
Training Golden Retriever puppy

Training A Golden Retriever Puppy – By Age Category

When it comes to training a Golden Retriever puppy, you will only achieve positive results when you use the reward method. This material will...
Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips- 18 Things you should never do

A well-train dog usually leads a happier and healthier life and its owner also can enjoy a trouble-free life long companion. Dog training -...
Stop Dog Chasing Things

Stop Your Dog from Chasing Things

Does your dog chase things – cars, bikes, animals and other people? Apart from being a nuisance this could also be dangerous, both for...
Dog Training bite jump

Dog Training: Teaching Puppy Not to Jump or Bite

You finally have your new adorable puppy. You are happy to have it and it is happy to have a family. But wait -...
Dog Training Advise

Dog Training Advise

“Why does your dog sit when you tell him to and mine doesn’t?", “How can your dog heel to you like that?” ”Wow! He...

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