Friday, February 26, 2021
eternally hungry dog breeds

3 Eternally Hungry Dog Breeds That Can’t Stop Eating

We bring to your attention a selection of three dogs that love to eat and cannot stop in time when there are so many...
china prohibits eating dog meat

Officially Classifies As Companion Animals: China Completely Bans Eating Dog Meat

China completely bans the consumption of dog meat thanks to a new directive that excludes dogs from farm animals. China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural...
Pets Want Come Home

Pets That Want to Come Home Right Now

If you are a pet owner, then you know that when dogs or cats want to go outside, it means RIGHT NOW! But, as...
shelter worker enrages abandonment dog Canela

Shelter Worker Rages At Man’s Reason For Returning His Older Dog

Shelter worker rages after heartless man returns dog to shelter after 13 years. It is an unavoidable fact that people, as well as animals, age....
truck driver rescues pit bull dog hickory

Man drives 2,800 miles to save a Pit bull from being euthanized

Mario Rodriguez is a truck driver who decided to travel 2800 to save the life of a pit bull who would be euthanized if...
Helen homeless dog

Helen, The Homeless Dog Who Surprised Her Rescuers After Being Petted For The First...

The emotional reaction of a dog that was caressed by a human being for the first time in his life became popular on YouTube...
Feed Pregnant Dog

How To Feed A Pregnant Dog | Pregnancy And After Giving Birth

Pregnancy is a special time for everyone, dogs and their owners are no exception. A pregnant dog for a responsible and caring owner is...
Stormy abandoned pitbull shelter fifth baby

Friendly Pit Bull Was Abandoned At The Shelter Because The Family Had A Fifth...

Friendly Pit bull was dumped in a shelter after his former family had a fifth baby and decided he was no longer a part...
Dog Breeds Get Fat obesity

8 Dog Breeds That Quickly Get Fat

Obesity is a real health hazard for dogs. Even small deviations from the norm are fraught with serious consequences if weight gain is not...
Kai Golden Retriever Losing 100 Lbs year

This Dog Was Going To Be Euthanized Because He Was Overweight But A Woman...

Kai is a beautiful little dog who changed his lifestyle forever after being abandoned by his adoptive family in a shelter where he would...

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