Thursday, October 21, 2021
Postman writes letters dog likes receive mail

Postman Writes Letters For A Dog Who Loves To Receive Mail

A postman who has formed a special bond with a Golden Retriever dog, writes her little letters so that he can take them home Dogs...
Merrick dog finds home after five years shelter

Merrick, The Dog Who Found A Home After Five Years In A Shelter

The dog has found a new home after his photo appeared on a notice board, after 2,000 days in the shelter Several years ago, specifically...
dog born short spine

Dog Who Was Born With A Very Short Spine Does Not Know That It...

This puppy who was born with a short spine does not know that he is different from the others and lives a happy life...
rescued twin puppies live better lives

Rescued Twin Puppies Live The Best Life Despite Having Only One Eye Each

Pair of twin puppies who were rescued before being euthanized due to physical defect are now enjoying their lives Because their mother contracted a bacterial...
girl joins dogs receive neighbor gift

Little Girl Joins Her Dogs Every Day To Receive A Gift From The Neighbor

An adorable little girl, who has become a member of a pack made up of her doggie brothers and sisters, joins them daily while...
dog way say hello mailbox

Dog Realizes The Mailbox Is The Perfect Way To Greet The Neighborhood

People who pass Rigby on their way can't help but contemplate his curious greeting. The little dog is an expert at stealing smiles. Rigby is...
dog bringing bird waits all is Okay

Dog Brings Mom An Injured Bird And Waits To Make Sure It’s Okay

A beautiful Pit bull dog, who is characterized by being very sweet, brought his mother an injured bird so that she could help him...
abandoned boy finds comfort dog protects

Abandoned Boy Finds Comfort And Friendship In A Dog That Protects Him

This boy abandoned on the streets finds solace in a stray dog ​​and they become best friends Rommel Quemenales, an 11-year-old boy from Quezon City...
rescued dog give hand new dad

This Rescued Dog Does Not Stop Giving His Paw To His New Dad

This adorable dog, who was rescued when he was only six months old, does not stop offering his hand to his beloved father Sam Clarence...
woman saves puppy takes hand appreciation

Woman Rescues A Puppy And He Takes Her Hand In Appreciation

A woman rescues a puppy that she found chained on the road and he takes her hand as a token of appreciation While she was...

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