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Does a cat need vitamins

Does a cat need vitamins?

The diet of domestic cats must be balanced, varied and contain all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for the animal, whether natural food...
feed kittens from birth

How to feed kittens from birth to 3 months

Newborn kittens should stay with their parents until they are eight or ten weeks old, as there is no substitute for colostrum and breast...
keep ready to use cat food

How to keep ready-to-use cat food

Ready-to-eat foods are divided into dry and moist (canned) foods. How food is divided according to the raw materials used in production and how...
rules feeding cats

12 rules for feeding cats

These simple rules are very important for keeping your pet healthy. Keep in mind that cats are talented handlers, they are happy to have...
dry dog food

How to choose a dry dog food. Veterinarian Tips

When deciding to take a dog to the house, the future owner should take care not only of a comfortable bedding, interesting toys, comfortable...
Can dogs eat potatoes

Can dogs eat potatoes?

Potatoes are a very common food in all households. They allow multiple preparations, provide carbohydrates with few calories and are inexpensive. It is therefore...
Change cat food

How to Change A Cat’s Food?

We probably all know that domestic cats have a very selective taste, which can make the process of changing the diet a real challenge....
Dog Food - Soft Hard

Dog Food – Soft or Hard?

Sometimes dog owners are faced with a dilemma regarding what type pf dog food to provide their dogs. Dogs themselves tend to...
Prohibited cat food

Prohibited Foods for Cats

If you live with a cat, it is important that you know all of these foods that are good for their body and avoid...
food feeding dog St Bernard

How much does a St Bernard eat?

If you are considering adopting a St. Bernard breed dog, you are probably thinking of its food. Being a huge dog, it is important...

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