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Diseases of dogs: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention
Every dog owner should constantly closely monitor his dog health status, changes in the behavior of his dog, know what signs indicate a deterioration in health. It is important to know how to provide first aid, what a veterinary first aid kit should be, and of course the common dog diseases signs and symptoms.
This section is for informational purposes only. In any case, you should first contact your veterinarian.

Dog Blood Stool

My Dog Has Blood in Stool: Is it an Dangerous?

Why does my dog have blood in the stool - how dangerous is it and how to treat it? Soft, oblong, dark brown excrement is...
Dog Scratch Ears

Dog Scratches His Ears A Lot – Possible Reasons

Those who live with dogs will have noticed many times that they can easily communicate with us but, even so, sometimes it is difficult...
Distemper Dogs

Distemper in Dogs | Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Dog distemper, or also called (Carre disease), is a highly contagious disease that mainly affects dogs when they are puppies, although animals such as...
Dog Itching

Causes Of Itching In A Dog

Every dog ​​itches from time to time - this is natural. If itching has become permanent and greatly interferes with the pet’s life, he...
Conjunctivitis in Dogs

Conjunctivitis in Dogs | Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Conjunctivitis in dogs is a very notorious disease since the eyes of our dogs tend to be very red, teary and with rheum. In...
Dog breeds most health problems

Dog Breeds With The Most Health Problems

Have you ever wondered which are the sickest dog breeds? Why are some dog breeds less healthy than the others? If you are considering...
Canine Parvovirus

Canine Parvovirus | Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Canine parvovirus is a viral disease that especially affects puppies, although it can affect any type of dog, even when vaccinated. It is a...
Coronavirus dogs cats

Coronavirus In Cats And Dogs: Can They Infect Me?

China suffered a serious health alert for weeks with this new coronavirus which has already killed several people. There is still a lot unknown...
diabetes dogs

Diabetes in Dogs – What You Should Know

Diabetes mellitus in dogs, cats and humans has a lot in common. However, the mechanism that leads to the development of diabetes and its...
Common Dog Diseases

9 Common Dog Diseases

Like all animals, dogs are also prone to many diseases. For dogs to remain disease-free, you must understand them first and treat them well...

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