Saturday, May 8, 2021
underweight pitbull found abandoned apartment

Underweight Pit Bull Found in Abandoned Apartment, Now Safe

The sad story of an underweight pit bull who was left in an abandoned apartment, fortunately has a happy ending Every day there are stories...
man builds mobile bed dog 16 years

Man builds a mobile bed for his 16-year-old dog to enjoy her last vacation

This man builds a mobile bed for her older dog so that he can enjoy her last vacation by the beach Tom Antonino lives in...
Thailand save 4 cats sinking ship

Thailand: They save 4 cats from a sinking ship

Four small cats were trapped in a sinking abandoned ship near the Thai island of Koh Adang, which was also on fire, with thick...
shih tzu missing almost 8 years reunites family

Shih Tzu Missing For Almost 8 Years Reunites With Family

This family is reunited with her Shih Tzu dog who had been missing for just over 8 years, when she got lost in the...
man lost everything except dog

This Man Didn’t Mind Losing Everything In A Fire As Long As He Had...

Despite losing everything in a fierce fire, this man only cared about the life of his best friend, a dog who has been his...
cat reunites family disappear 3 years

Cat Reunites With His Family After Disappearing 3 Years Ago In A Landslide

On the third anniversary of the landslide disaster in Montecito, California, a cat reunites with his family Following devastating landslides and mudslides in Southern California...
china prohibits eating dog meat

Officially Classifies As Companion Animals: China Completely Bans Eating Dog Meat

China completely bans the consumption of dog meat thanks to a new directive that excludes dogs from farm animals. China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural...
Man building custom towers for cats

Man spends a year building two custom towers for his cats

A Connecticut resident man decides to build two custom towers for his cats to have comfort and entertainment. It is not a secret that cats...
Man returns warzone save abandoned cats

Man returns to warzone to save abandoned cats

For months, Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel has been traveling to Kafr Nabl, a Syrian town recently hit by airstrikes, with one goal in mind: to...
shelter worker enrages abandonment dog Canela

Shelter Worker Rages At Man’s Reason For Returning His Older Dog

Shelter worker rages after heartless man returns dog to shelter after 13 years. It is an unavoidable fact that people, as well as animals, age....

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