Friday, September 18, 2020
Cora poodle two legs recovery

Cora The Poodle And Her Remarkable Recovery

Cora is a very brave and persevering dog whose two front legs had to be amputated, but thanks to the love of...
old singing dog breed reappears indonesia 50 years

Thought To Be Extinct, Ancient Dog Reappears After 50 Years

An exotic and ancient breed of singing dog was spotted in the high mountains of Papua, Indonesia, after being lost for five...
Ching cat escapes home visit neighbor

Cat Escapes Home Every Morning To Visit Her Neighbor

Cat runs away from home every morning and spends the day at his neighbor's house, sunbathing and enjoying many treats.
Lucy Lilly Cats Help Treat Depression Ilka

Lucy and Lilly, How My Cats Helped Me Treat My Depression

Doctors say that people with cats are much less likely to go to hospitals. Cats supposedly feel where the owner is hurt...
odd cat maya extra chromosome lauren

The Story Of Maya, The Cat Who Was Abandoned For Being “Different”

The moving story of Maya, a cat who was abandoned for being different and now amuses everyone on Instagram
Blanca Blanco Rescued Dogs

Blanca & Blanco, 2 Rescued Dogs From Hell To Love

Blanca & Blanco, 2 Rescued Dogs Who Went From Living In Hell To Being Loved Again When people think...
Chica Malinois Dog Toubkal

Chica: The Malinois Dog That Climbed 4167 Meters

Men and women from different parts of the world have tried to climb Jebel Toubkal. What about dogs? Those who often hike...
george cat standing 2 legs george2legs

Meet George, The Cat Who Stands On 2 Legs And Judges His Owners

As we have told you on numerous occasions, thanks to the Internet and social networks in recent times we have been able...
narnia Cat Split Colored face kittens

The Famous Cat With Split-Colored Face Becomes A Father To Kittens In Each Of...

A cat named Narnia has such a peculiar face that it has captured the love of the entire internet. This famous cat...
rescue greyhound dog baby brother

Greyhound Dog Was Afraid Of Affection Until He Met His New Humans Brother

Mosley was a grim and lonely racing dog who managed to recover thanks to the pregnancy of its owner

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