Friday, September 18, 2020
woman adopted three blind cats

Woman Adopted 3 Blind Cats That No One Else Wanted

These three blind cats are siblings and although no one wanted to adopt them, their lives changed forever when one woman adopted...
cat runs greets neighbors morning open blinds

Cat Runs To Say “Good Morning” Every Time His Neighbors Open The Blinds

A cat runs every morning and waits for his neighbors to open their blinds to say good morning and share a playtime...
Humans Love Dogs

New Study : Humans Love Dogs More Than Other Humans

Some dog owners love their four-legged pets so much that they care for them like they are children - and sometimes, by...
Chewy Chihuahua Puppy Left At Airport Heartbreaking Note

Chihuahua Puppy Left At The Airport With A Sad Note

This news has distressed millions of users on the Internet and it is because a three-month-old puppy was found wrapped in a bag in...
labrador dog mom teaching puppies how to swim

Adorable Video Shows A Labrador Dog Mom Teaching Her Pups How To Swim

It is surprising how a Labrador Retriever teaches her children to swim. Dogs are among man's favorite pets, they are faithful, affectionate, tender and really...
Alex dog reunites family after six years

Dog Reunites With His Family After 6 Years

Dog Reunites With His Family After 6 Years And Can't Stop Wagging His Tail This dog reunites with his...
Demi kitty happy find family

The Kitten Is Very Happy to Find A Family After Being Rescued

A family welcomes a small kitten who was rejected by her mother and helped her thrive. Demi was the only one who survived and a...
cat Tigger sneaks into neighbors house

Cat Sneaks Into His Neighbors’ House Every Day To Spend The Night

A beautiful cat escapes every day to his neighbors' house and spends the night with them, he has chosen them as his second family John...
Cinnamon cat obsessed scarf

This Cat Is Obsessed with Wearing Her Little Scarf Wherever She Goes

Cinnamon is a cat obsessed with wearing her beautiful white scarf at all times, a gift woven with much love for her...
Faithful dog waiting young owner bus safe

Faithful Dog Waits Daily for The School Bus with Its Young Owner to Make...

Adorable images that demonstrate the fidelity between a dog and a girl from China have travelled around the world captivating the attention of thousands...

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