Cats Have Their Own Definition Of Logic

Cats own definition logic

Cats have their own strange and special way of looking at the world that people don’t always understand, what we can call: (the Cat Logic), and it seems that most of the time, it’s not even clear to them either.

It can be difficult to know what your cat is thinking (or, sometimes, if he is thinking at all), so here are some pictures that will help people understand: ” Cat Logic”.

Cat Logic # 1. “Oh, it looks like I’m stuck.”

Cat Logic # 2. “Who is beautiful? I am beautiful!”

Cat Logic # 3. “Here’s how to use a scratching post.”

Cat Logic # 4. “This is how my cat sleeps.”

Cat Logic # 5. Why do you need a car if not to practice balance techniques?

Cat Logic # 6. “Our annual Christmas ritual”

Cat Logic # 7. A new flavor of pizza

Cat Logic # 8. Here’s the best way to use this

Cat Logic # 9. “My friend built a house for his cat …”

Cat Logic # 10.Why have all these beds?

Cat Logic # 11. The most comfortable place in the house

Cat Logic # 12. Why sleep inside?

Cat Logic # 13. You can’t go out, I sleep here

Cat Logic # 14. Why do we have 2 bowls?


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