This Bookstore Is Full Of Stray Kittens For Customers To Adopt

cats roam library to be adopted

It’s very common for us to think about going to an animal shelter when we want to adopt a pet, but have you ever thought about going to a bookstore to adopt a kitten?

Otis & Clementine’s Books & Coffee, is a bookstore that besides giving you a good book and a cup of coffee, brings you the company of the cute cats that live in the bookstore, which is located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

This library takes an innovative approach to convince its customers to offer a permanent home to kittens looking for a family.

Cats that live in a bookstore can be adopted

cats roam library to be adopted

The environment is perfect, so that customers can enjoy a good reading in the company of the felines, they also have the possibility to take one home.

The cats are being provided by the rescue group South Paw Conservation Nova Scotia, in hopes that bookstore patrons will fall in love with their little faces when they see the cats roaming around.

This system also allows cats to share with humans and get used to being around them, providing great companionship.

Ellen Helmke, the owner of the store, who decided to start the adoption program last year, noting that her store had a lot of space to operate. The program has already put over 30 felines up for adoption, making everyone very happy.

cats roam library to be adopted

Ellen claims her customers are drawn to for different reasons, but they all tend to be happy with what they find.

Ellen told Global News:

People come here specifically to see cats, and some people will just look at books and find out there are kittens. Either way, the response has been really great, I mean, who doesn’t like kittens, right?

A spokesperson for the shelter said the bookstore is one of the foster homes, providing a loving environment for their cats.

The spokesperson told Bored Panda:

We really hope that the care platform we receive from Otis & Clementine will help us find loving homes, provide adequate medical care, food and, through donations, sterilize even more cats. in the province in 2020.

When a client decides to bring a cute cat home, the shelter takes care of all the relevant studies and formalities.

cats roam library to be adopted

Incredibly, all of the felines received at the bookstore have been adopted, which shows that this is a fantastic idea for cats.

Ellen said:

We have a 100% adoption rate, which is great. I am very happy to please my clients when they come in and they are delighted to see a kitten they did not expect… It’s amazing and it makes me happy to come to work.

If you are a book lover and adore cats, this bookstore is a must see destination.

Images: Instagram/Otis & Clementine’s Books & Coffee

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