These Adorable Hairless Cats Have Permanently Grumpy Faces

cats without hair permanent faces bad mood

Boris, Dennis and Freja are three charming Don Sphynx kittens. This particular trio of felines reside in Stockholm, Sweden, with their adoptive mother, human resources manager and owner, Sophia Lexelius. The woman shares her cats’ lives on her Instagram account, and the thousands of followers they already amass are completely obsessed with their sullen facial expressions.

Since the woman decided to open an Instagram account in August 2020, many of her photos have gone viral, all thanks to her adorable felines and unusual facial expressions.

Sophia told Metro:

“Taking these photos was a fun way to document life with my three wonderful cats who follow me wherever I go.”

Hairless cats have permanently grumpy faces

cats without hair permanent faces bad mood

Sophia says she adopted her first cat (Boris) in 2018 as she couldn’t easily find a suitable family due to a series of health issues the kitten suffered.

cats without hair permanent faces bad mood

The mother of the cats says:

“But now he feels good, and you can see the zest for life in his eyes.”

cats without hair permanent faces bad mood

Don Sphynx is a breed of hairless cat of Russian origin, which often attracts attention with its peculiar physical appearance. The truth is that these boys are very sweet and affectionate with people. He is intelligent and curious and can easily get along with other animals in the house.

cats without hair permanent faces bad mood

Finally, Sophia says:

“They often act like dogs and always love attention, to the point that they even sleep with me at night in bed. Freja came from a breeder in Latvia by boat and Dennis came from Russia by plane. was a few weeks before they all became friends and are now inseparable.”

Images: Instagram / donsphynxofsweden

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