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Simple cats nutrition basics, facts, rules and advice that are very important for keeping your pet healthy.


Having a cat implies a responsibility, because its life will depend on us. There are basic guidelines that must be followed to take good care of our cats.


It is important for every dog owner to be informed about dogs diseases, knows what signs and symptoms to look for, and how we can prevent our cat from contracting certain avoidable diseases.

Cats Popular Articles

Cat Flips Out When Owner Surprises Him With Room Full Of Toilet Paper

This is Pusic - a sweet kitty. Pusic was saved four years ago as...

Meet Lotus, The Huge Fluffy Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon cats are known to be one of the biggest domesticated cat breeds. Apart from their majestic appearance, they also have...

Cat Jumps Into Mom’s Arms After Missing For 536 Days

A cat was lost for over a year, and although his family did their best to find him, they were starting to...

Ohio 79-year-old woman sentenced to prison for feeding stray cats

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio - Nancy Segula, who lives on Havana Road in Garfield Heights, noticed that stray cats were starting to show...

A 20 years old cat finds a home, and he Had So Much Love to Give

Dexter was 20 when a family adopted him. Nobody had any idea of ​​all the love he had left to...

Cat Fights : What To Know / To Do? Interfere Or Not

Probably, each of us at least once witnessed a heartbreaking scene. Cats, nervously wagging their tails, emit low "intrauterine" sounds that turn...

A Cat With Adorable Ears Is So Happy To Be Saved From The Street

If you thought Baby Yoda was cute, wait until you see this rescued cat with a strange resemblance to the green alien from "Star...

Korat The Cat of Happiness | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The Korat cat is a mysterious animal that appeared in Thailand. Many legends are associated with him. Residents of the area where...

Which Cat Breed Is The Right For You?

There are many breeds of cats, and like most people, you do not know much about a dozen or so.

Cats Recognize Their Own Names—Even If They Choose to Ignore Them

Domestic felines distinguish between their monikers and similar-sounding words, new research shows Cats are notorious for their indifference to humans: Almost any owner will testify...

Animal Lovers Are Never Lonely – The positive impact of animals on humans

Every two out of three families have a pet. It is impossible to count the number of dogs, cats, hamsters, parrots, chinchillas,...

A cat brings flowers from his garden as a gift to neighbors

Moving to a new neighborhood can be a bit difficult, but when you find a very friendly neighbor who brings...

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