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Cavoodle dogs, also known as cavapoo, are the result of a mixture of two iconic breeds, such as miniature poodles (also called toy poodle) and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs. So what can you expect from a dog from such wonderful and fascinating breeds? Yes, without a doubt the cavoodle is a dog who, in addition to being beautiful, conquers for his capacity and his incredible personality.

Cavoodle - Cavapoo
Cavoodle – Cavapoo

This is why, today, at ‘ Pets Feed ‘, we present you the cavoodle or cavapoo, a fascinating dog and for many still to be discovered. Find out all about this new breed of dog.

Origin of cavoodle or cavapoo

Cavoodle is a fairly recent canine breed that has become popular thanks to the campaigns led by Australian breeders in the 1990s. The idea of ​​breeders when crossing toy poodle and cavalier king charles spaniel was to obtain a new breed that will combine the benefits of his parents. In this way, an ideal dog breed is said to have been obtained as a pet.

These dogs have not yet been recognized as an official breed by international dog organizations. On the contrary, they are classified in the group of hybrid canine breeds, with other breeds such as the cockapoo or the maltipoo, which, by sharing the poodle as a crossbreed dog, share the same characteristics mentioned above. This group also includes other new and hybrid breeds such as goldendoodles.

Cavoodle - Cavapoo
Cavoodle – Cavapoo

Physical characteristics of cavoodle or cavapoo

The cavadoodle is a small dog, with an average weight between 5 and 12 kilograms and a transverse height between 25 and 38 centimeters. Its life expectancy varies between 10 and 14 years.

He has a solid and proportioned body, with a round head. His skull is broad, with a short nose and medium-sized eyes and a dark color. Its ears are round and hang over the sides of the head. All these characteristics make the cavapoo have an eternal puppy face.

The coat is curly, which can be curled rather wavy or closed. It is long, moderate and very dense. It is characterized by being one of the hypoallergenic dogs, because its fur does not affect people allergic to dog hair, thus being one of the best breeds of dogs for people with allergies.

Cavoodle - Cavapoo puppy
Cavoodle – Cavapoo puppy

The Cavoodle or Cavapoo puppy

The Cavoodle puppy does not differ from adults, except for its small size, for example, its face remains the same if they are over 10 years old.

The difference is not in appearance, but rather in character. Well, when they are adults, they are extremely calm, but maybe when they are small, they can be a bit unruly, simply because they are puppies and want to play, but nothing that is not easy to manage.

Cavoodle or Cavapoo colors

The most common colors in cavapoo or cavoodle dogs are:

  • Cinnamon
  • Blond
  • Brown
  • White
  • Black
  • Golden
  • Beige
Cavoodle - Cavapoo
Cavoodle – Cavapoo

Character and temperament of Cavapoo or cavoodle

If this hybrid breed is distinguished by something, it is undoubtedly by its benevolent character. The Cavoodle is one of the dogs that attract attention for their great intelligence, associated with a balanced, sociable and affectionate temperament.

In addition to all this, they are patient and calm dogs, so they are recommended for all types of families, singles and families with children or the elderly. It is also considered to be one of the best dog breeds for children. The Cavapoo or cavoodle dog adapts to everything and everyone. It is ideal for allergy sufferers because it barely sheds hair, being considered hypoallergenic dogs.

We also highlight the good relationships that this dog establishes with other animals, whether they are other dogs or almost any type of pet, because they are respectful and kind to everyone.

Cavoodle - Cavapoo
Cavoodle – Cavapoo

Cavoodle or Cavapoo care

In order for cavapoo to maintain good health, a series of measures must be taken. Among them, it is worth noting the periodic cleaning of his teeth, eyes and ears, as they are quite delicate. If they are not kept in good condition, it will not be difficult for the cavoodle to develop various diseases and infections.

As for its coat, it is recommended to brush it once a day or every two days. Well, although it is not too long, it is very curly and dense, so it can get tangled easily if neglected.


Being small dogs, you must take care of the food, because it must be balanced and sufficient. Do not overfeed the cavoodle, because being overweight has disastrous consequences for your health, such as canine obesity.

If you get a Cavapoo puppy from a breeder, it will give you a feeding schedule and it is important to stick to the same routine, feeding the same puppy food to avoid stomach upset.

Older dogs are not known to be picky or fussy eaters, but that doesn’t mean you can feed them inferior food. It is best to feed a mature dog twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening, making sure it is a good quality food that meets all of its nutritional needs.

Cavoodle - Cavapoo puppy
Cavoodle – Cavapoo puppy

Feeding guide for a Cavapoo puppy – Cavoodle (depending on the construction of a puppy)

As a guide, Cavapoo puppies can be fed the following amounts daily to make sure they get all the nutrients they need to grow and develop properly:

  • 2 months – 96g to 127g
  • 3 months – 108g to 149g
  • 4 months – 113g to 158g
  • 6 months – 103g to 159g
  • 7 months – 92g to 144g
  • 8 months – 81g to 129g
  • 10 months – 81g to 115g
  • 11 months – 80g to 114g

Once a puppy is 12 months old, it can be fed adult dog food, as shown below.

Feeding guide for a Cavapoo – Adult Cavoodle (depending on the activity)

As an indication, an adult adult Cavoodle can receive the following amounts daily to stay fit and healthy:

  • Dogs weighing 5 kg can be fed from 69g to 90g
  • Dogs weighing 8 kg can be fed from 110g to 144g
  • Dogs weighing 10 kg can be fed from 138g to 181g

Cavapoo or cavoodle health

In general, the cavapoo breed is a fairly healthy breed, showing no serious congenital condition. It is only in some cases that it has been detected that cavoodle puppies have cardiac abnormalities of varying severity or that cases of patellar dislocation have occurred.

However, these dogs are somewhat delicate in terms of eye health, possibly developing diseases such as progressive retinal atrophy or common conjunctivitis. Therefore, it is highly recommended to make regular visits to the veterinarian, who can assess the health of our cavoodle dog and make the relevant recommendations so that we can keep him in the best condition.

Cavoodle - Cavapoo
Cavoodle – Cavapoo

Adopt a cavoodle or a cavapoo

If we are determined to adopt a cavapoo, it is best to inform us if there are associations or clubs specializing in the breed, so that we can save a small dog from abandonment. We can also go to shelters and kennels in the area, well, who knows, maybe we will find a little cavoodle there.

Before adopting, we must be absolutely sure that we can take care of our animal at any time. It is therefore very important to know your needs, both general and specific, in order to take them into account and take responsibility for them.

If after realizing all these considerations, you are sure you want to adopt one of these dogs, go for it! You will surely enjoy an excellent coexistence and an immense affection.

Cavoodle - Cavapoo
Cavoodle – Cavapoo

Cavapoo – Cavoodle Dog Breed Highlights

Positive points

  • The cavapoo – cavoodle is extremely people oriented and likes to be in a family environment.
  • It is perfect with children of all ages.
  • They are very social dogs by nature and get along with everyone.
  • Cavoodle is a good choice for first time dog owners as long as they don’t leave their pets alone for too long.
  • It is a very adaptable little dog.
  • Cavapoo is very intelligent and therefore in good hands is easy to train.
  • The cavoodle is a very good watchdog.

Negative points

  • Cavapoo hates being left to their own devices and suffers from separation anxiety.
  • This dog must be treated professionally several times a year.
  • Some Cavapoos dogs suffer from serious health problems, which means hefty veterinary bills.

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