Before that day, his life was a nightmare. This is how the “chain dog” reacted to his first toy

chain dog reacted first toy

Even though we live in a civilized world, some people still view dogs as living alarms. Very often, guard dogs spend their lives chained up, without access to nutritious food or a warm, dry place to sleep. This was Yuki’s life. This is a dog who miraculously escaped death. For eight years he had to wait for someone who would decide to love him. It turned out that despite many wrongs, this dog can still enjoy life and appreciate the smallest details.

The dog was treated like a living alarm

Guard dogs are still commonplace in many villages. Perhaps it wouldn’t mean suffering for pets if the animals guarding the property could count on having all their needs met. Unfortunately, dogs living on chains usually never have the opportunity to exercise freely, such as going for walks or even running around the owner’s property. In addition, many of them suffer from malnutrition and aggression from their caregivers.

This lifestyle happened to Yuki, a little dog who spent eight years chained. Even when his health began to decline, he could not count on the support of his owner.

Yuki was in line for euthanasia

After years of living in brutal conditions, Yuki’s health began to deteriorate. Even though the dog was not a very old dog, she was in very poor physical condition. The dog’s owners decided to get rid of the problem and gave the dog to a shelter.

There he replaced the chain with a cage. Unfortunately, the dog didn’t have much luck at the shelter either. Specialists decided to euthanize the animal. Yuki was an ordinary animal, old and withdrawn. There was little chance that anyone would be interested in his fate. All he could do was expect the worst.

One day a miracle happened. One of the families looking for an animal to adopt was interested in Yuki.

chain dog reacted first toy / @svperdone

After eight years, destiny smiled on him

A girl named Anni decided to give this unlucky dog a chance at a normal life. He suffered too much because of people’s fault, he should not die just because he was extremely unlucky in his life.

It turned out that Yuki, despite the fact that she had always suffered because of humans, still had enormous trust in people. After eight years of living without any affection or care, she began to discover the pleasure of scratching her belly, eating treats and moving freely.

Yuki discovered the world as a puppy. It was only as a senior dog that she had the opportunity to experience what should be every dog’s daily life. It turned out that every little gesture was huge for her. Even his first toy became a source of a huge mix of emotions consisting of disbelief, joy, pleasure and gratitude.

@svperdone I found out that yuki loves plushies more than toys 🙂 #fypシ #xyzbca #rescuedog #pov ♬ original sound – bestspedup 2nd acc ! 🏄‍♂️

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