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Cat lovers with a preference for fluffy breeds will surely enjoy the look of an extraordinarily beautiful cat with a magnificent coat and a pronounced fluffy collar. On its extremities there is wool, the length of which is also slightly longer than on the entire body. The name of this breed is unusual – the creators named it “Chantilly-Tiffany”.


Chantilly-Tiffany cat photos

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Physical characteristics

This cat has a medium build, a proportionate physique. Cats of the Chantilly Tiffany breed are owners of a slender, slightly elongated body. They cannot be called thin – a small but strong body consists of trained muscles. It has moderately tall, developed limbs with rounded, sharp pads.

Although the cat looks impressive and seems heavy, an adult cat weighs between 3 and 5 kg.


Distinctive features

  • The body of Chantilly Tiffany ends in a bushy tail the length of a cat’s body. Its large ears are also decorated with fur that descends from them in a long wave. However, cats are even more decorated with a fluffy collar framing the neck.
  • The muzzle is wide, but the fluffy collar softens its contours.
  • The head, slightly wedge-shaped, looks small against the background of a fluffy collar.
  • Eyes of an oval shape, bright yellow, amber, golden in color, stand out against the background of the coat, especially if it is dark chocolate in color. It should be noted that initially the breed standard recognized only chocolate brown coats. However, by accepted standards today, a variety of colors are allowed in Chantilly Tiffany.

Character and behavior

The friendly and balanced nature of this breed quickly makes the pet that has appeared in the house as a favorite of all family members. Keeping Chantilly-Tiffany is easy. Even if there are already pets in the house, the cat easily gets along with them. Even with dogs, she will always find a common language.

Chantilly-tiffany is very fond of everyone who lives next to her, but especially singles out one chosen by the cat for the role of the owner. She constantly tries to be near him, and with a purr responds not only to his affection, but also to the words of the owner. The cat is patient with children, loves to play with them.

Chantilly-Tiffany does not tolerate loneliness extremely well, so cats of this breed live better in such a family where there is always someone at home. Other pets living next to the cat can be a cure for longing for the owner. The quick wits and intelligence of the Chantilly-Tiffany cat make it easy to train. She can learn to perform various tricks, walk on a leash. She especially enjoys carrying various small items.


The breed is healthy, but there are some issues that need to be taken care of. One of them is eye discharge. They should be removed with a towel dipped in boiled or distilled water.

Obesity can also be a problem if this process is not stopped in time. If the weight of the cat exceeds the norm by 20% or more, if he breathes heavily, shows poor mobility and his spine cannot be felt, put him on a diet. However, consult your veterinarian in addition to taking hormonal medications.

Life expectancy

Chantilly Tiffany cat will please the owner for a long time with a spectacular exterior and affection, because these cats live 15-18 years.


Chantilly Tiffany cats have long hair, which requires constant and regular grooming. The cat should be combed at least once, and preferably twice a week, and the matted coat should be carefully removed. In addition, you should brush your cat’s teeth at least two to three times a week. You also need to remove deposits and dirt from the ears, trim the claws 2-4 times a month, and bathe the animal every 2 months.

History of the breed

It is not always possible to name the exact time when the founders of the new breed were born. In Chantilly-Tiffany cats, you can name not only the year, but also the names of the feline babies, who became the ancestors of the family of fluffy beauties. Breeder Jenny Robinson bought a pair of wonderful kittens, decorated with long chocolate-colored hair. It was 1967 and the pet store was in New York.

The chocolate babies got names that match their gender. The kitty became Thomas, and the kitty became Shirley. It took about two years before the first offspring of this couple appeared. In May 1969, kittens were born that exactly resembled their parents – the same long-haired chocolates. Seven years later, there were already six dozen such babies. Thomas the cat with his descendants even participated in the cat show in the early seventies.

However, in the future, Robinson stopped working with these cats and sold her pets to the breeder Sijin Lund, who continued to breed them. At first she introduced her pets as “Foreign Longhair”. However, the judges found this name unacceptable. Then Lund began to present her cats as Tiffany Theater, associating the name of the breed with symbols of high class and elegance.

Everything would have been going great if it had not been for the erroneous information that the Tiffany, represented by the new breed, are in fact the long-haired descendants of the Burmese, who were also bred by Sijin Lund. In 1979, Tiffany was recognized by the largest TICA association, but only as a subspecies of Burmese cats. However, at the same time, the American Association ACA refused to recognize these cats at all.

This approach of “cat experts” to this rare breed became the reason for Sijin Lund’s refusal to breed it. The breed was already on the verge of extinction, but in 1988 the Canadian breeder Tracy Oraas became interested in it. She conducted a real investigation, based on its results, having concluded that Burmese cats were not involved in the emergence of a new breed.

Then, together with companion Jan DeRegt, the breeder developed a completely new breeding program. Famous breeds took part in it – together with the European Angora cat and the Havana, the Somali and Nibelungs were used. A few years later, the breeder was asked to rename the breed, in order to avoid confusion with the Tiffany cats bred in Britain. Oraas has come up with a new name for her pets, also associated with sophistication. So, after a long history of recognition, a rare breed of fluffy chocolate-colored cats named “Chantilly-Tiffany”.


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