Charlie, The Blind Golden Retriever, Who Has His Own Guide Dog


This is Charlie an 11-year-old golden retriever (on 2016).

In 2016, Charlie was diagnosed with glaucoma. Unfortunately, he had both eyes removed.

After a while, his owners decided to have another dog, Maverick. And the new 4-month-old pet has become a real savior for Charlie.

One day, the puppy noticed that the adult friend was a little different from him: Charlie could not find any lost toys. Then Maverick started taking it to his friend’s, leaving it right under Charlie’s nose.

Very quickly, the two animals become inseparable: they hardly ever move away from each other. Their owner jokingly calls them “hitching dogs”.

And that’s how Charlie looked before the operation. He was a very active dog: he loved walks, he enjoyed running, swimming and playing a lot.

After the surgery, the 11-year-old retriever became much less active, very worried about losing his vision. However, his new friend has managed not only to give him the joy of living, but also to give it a second youth.

Charlie and Maverick love each other. They never get bored. Maverick not only helps his older partner, but also tries to model himself on him.

Today, more than 150,000 Instagram users follow the lives of these two furry friends.


The owners of Charlie and Maverick announced:

Our sweet Charlie passed away in July. We are continuing to document Mav’s antics and memories of Charlie.

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