How To Choose And Where To Buy A Cane Corso Puppy

How To Choose A Cane Corso Puppy

Careful observation of the Cane Corso puppy will allow you to assess how this little creature will relate to its potential owner, to other animals, and in most cases to understand how quickly it will be able to settle in a new place and conditions. appropriate detention. It is with this approach that professional dog handlers and dog breeders recommend starting with dog selection. We will talk about this and much more in this article dedicated to the topic – how to choose a Cane Corso puppy or an Italian mastiff – a unique and quite interesting dog of its kind.

Before buying a Cane Corso puppy – characteristics of the breed

The Cane Corso is a large Italian mastiff closely related to the Neapolitan Mastiff, originally from ancient Rome. Like all dogs of the Molossian group, the Cane Corso is not an artificially bred breed – purebred Italian Mastiff – gladiator of Roman arenas, hunter, guardian and personal guard of high-ranking nobles. For this reason, it is recommended that you choose a Cane Corso puppy only when protection of family or property is needed. This dog does not have any decorative features, and an attempt to make him a pet will not be successful, but will only destroy the dog.

A Cane Corso dog is distinguished primarily by its large size, powerful chest, large head, and well-developed athletic muscles. Despite its serious size, the dog is still less bulky and clumsy than its closest relatives, the Great Dane. The International Cynological Federation, describing the ideal characteristics of a dog, assigns it a height at the withers of 58 to 70 cm and a weight of 45 to 50 kg. So, this animal is not for small apartments, however, as well as for standard urban living quarters. It is best kept in an outdoor cage or in an outdoor yard.

Like other Molossians, the Italian Cane Corso is a large dog, very strong, courageous and, without proper education, is quite aggressive. When it comes time to choose a puppy of this breed, you need to think about it first. In addition, in order to feed an adult dog, he will have to endure considerable expenses every day – a meager ration in the form of dry food will not suit him absolutely, so ardent distributors of this type of food do not approve. Meat, grains, and bread are staple foods that will help your dog maintain required energy levels.

Much effort will need to be put into training and training the dog. It is quite difficult to find a professional dog handler who can work with this non-standard breed in terms of training. As a result, the cost of the service is quite high.

If all of the above does not deter you in the desire to buy a Cane Corso puppy, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main points that you should pay attention to when buying.

How to choose the right Cane Corso breeding

An experienced breeder, concerned about the future of his puppies, is always interested in how, where and under what conditions his dogs will live. This will be expressed in a lot of questions he can ask a potential buyer. So, the more questions the breeder asks, the better. Anyone who has dealt with the purchase of purebred puppies knows this subtlety.

Modesty when the buyer chooses a puppy is also not the best choice. Until that time, until the money is donated, you can turn around and leave without losing anything. In order not to regret your choice in the future and to buy a good Cane Corso puppy, you in turn should ask the dog breeder at least a few basic questions. Let’s take a look at the main key points that any buyer should have when choosing a dog of this breed.

Mother’s age

It is best to choose a puppy born to a bitch between 2 and 8 years old. Italian mastiffs, like all mastiffs, develop ontogenetically, that is, full maturation, both mental and physiological, is achieved some time after birth. In this case, this period is three years. Therefore, young bitches, although sexually mature, can tolerate weak droppings. As for older dogs, their bodies have already used up most of the resources, especially if the animal was primarily used for the active distribution of purebred puppies.

Mating frequency

Too frequent – twice a year, every year, mating can seriously damage the constitution and weaken the immune system not only of the mother, but also of her offspring. And indicators of health and physical ability, as you know, are essential for Cane Corso dogs. To choose the best puppy, you need her mother to mate, if every year, then at least once a year, but better – once every two years.

Puppy body weight

Particular attention should be paid to the live weight of a Cane Corso puppy. This is the main characteristic that determines his health and future physical development. One month old puppies should weigh 3.5-4.5 kg, provided there is one to four puppies in the litter, and 3-4 kg – with five to eight puppies.

Size And Weight Of Cane Corso Puppy By Month

Season of birth

Puppies born in early spring have more opportunities for the normal development of their body and character. Provided the dam is healthy and has good purebred potential, Cane Corso spring puppies will in the vast majority of cases be in excellent health.

Puppies that are born in the fall quickly consume their internal fat from the first month, because their mother’s milk is also depleted in immune bodies, fats and carbohydrates. Considering the unfavorable fall season, dogs are strongly recommended to undergo further examination by a veterinarian, even if the breeder has all the documents on good health – everything changes too quickly in the young body of these strong dogs.

We hope that the information in this article will be useful to those who have decided to choose a Cane Corso puppy. If a dog of this breed fits all of the key parameters, there is no better dog to be found. We wish you good luck in your choice!


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