How To Choose The Right Premium Dog Food 101 ?


A huge amount of dog food is produced today. Therefore, it is doubly important to know which one will be the most useful and of the highest quality.

In this article, we will try to help you with the purchase of the ideal dog food by writing out 4 criteria, having studied and guided by which, you can make the right choice. By taking these steps, you will achieve the best result!

Determine the class of dog food

To paraphrase the words of the German philosopher, let’s say: “The dog is what it eats.” And this is true, because the health and appearance of a pet is reflected in its nutrition. And if you care about your four-legged friend, then you know that choosing the right dog food specifically for your case is a rather difficult task. In general, food for dogs is divided into the following classes in terms of quality composition:

12Economy class

This type of feed is produced using the cheapest ingredients, which explains its low cost. It is made from meat and bone meal, by-products of the lowest category with the addition of grain and soy.

It is undesirable to feed your dog with food of this class for a long time, since an excess of preservatives and food additives, as well as a lack of vitamins and amino acids, have an adverse effect on the growth, health and appearance of your pet, as well as his behavior. And also, given its composition, this class of feed has a rather low level of nutritional value and digestibility, therefore, the amount consumed will be higher than that of other options. The energy value of the food for economy class dogs is about 250-300 kcal / 100 g.



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