Choosing A Maine Coon Kitten – Complete Guide

Choosing A Maine Coon Kitten

In this article, the question will not be discussed: “How to choose a HEALTHY Maine Coon kitten?” Much has already been written about this. Let’s try to answer the following questions: “How to choose a Maine Coon kitten?” and “Why do people choose Maine Coon?”

Why do people choose Maine Coon cats?

What can attract in Maine Coon cat? The first is its size. Cats of this breed are not much larger than cats of other breeds, but cats are much superior to their counterparts in this indicator. At the same time, they are very cute, kind and affectionate like dogs. Thanks to such a handsome man, friendship and communication with him gives his owner the opportunity to imagine himself for a second as a trainer of tigers or wild lions. In addition, we would also like to boast of Kunishcha in front of neighbors and friends. Just imagine, guests come to you, sit, talk, sip wine from glasses (cognac, beer, tea …), and then HE appears: big, woolen, with a long luxurious tail, with lynx tassels on the ears and tufts of hair on huge paws, and, in full view of everyone, freezes in a sphinx pose, proudly stretched out on the floor. Naturally, at first everyone freezes (drinks are spilled from glasses and cups), then they gasp for a long time, groan and congratulate the owners. But these are moments of the owner’s celebration! For such minutes, we don’t feel sorry for the time and money spent on raising such a “beast”!

In addition to size, in Maine Coon you will surely be attracted by a combination of a formidable, wild, unapproachable appearance with an affectionate and kind character. Undoubtedly, you will observe with great interest all the features of the behavior of such a pet: before drinking, he (she) rakes water with his paw, or how he eats food from his paw.

His voice does not match the appearance of this giant at all. You will be amazed to hear such a big cat say “meow” in a tiny little voice.

The fact that Maine Coons are an aboriginal breed is very attractive. All known felinological systems forbid categorically crossing them with other breeds of cats. After all, it’s no secret that many modern breeds were obtained by interbreeding. There are very few native breeds left today and they are all highly valued.

Choosing A Maine Coon Kitten

How to choose the right Maine Coon kitten?

Considering the increased interest in this breed, many dealers in the feline world rushed to immediately satisfy the increased demand. Newspapers and the Internet are full of advertisements for the sale of Maine Coon kittens at low prices. But such kittens are very often associated with a real Maine Coon only by one name in the deceitful words of the seller or in fake documents. It is difficult for an inexperienced person to recognize a forgery right away, and when he realizes that he was deceived, it is already too late: you cannot return the money, and it’s bitter to feel like a sucker, and it’s a pity for the animal: after all, they’ve got used to it, and she’s not to blame for anything.

It is very sad at the exhibition to see people who are trying to exhibit their pet, which they bought in the kennel from an unscrupulous breeder, and are getting disqualified.

It is necessary to remember what country we live in! There is no one here to protect your interests, only you can do it! Therefore, to acquire a real Maine Coon, you need to educate yourself by visiting several nurseries and exhibitions. Only in this case, it is possible to choose an animal that will please you with its appearance and character.

Useful tips for Maine Coon buyers

We will formulate some tips for those who, after self-education, decided to become the owner of a real kitten of such a breed as Maine Coon.

  • It is imperative to get acquainted with the breed standards according to the versions of various felinological systems (FIFe, TICA).
  • Visit at least one of the international multisystem cat shows. Get acquainted with breeders, take the coordinates of nurseries. The larger the exhibition, the higher quality animals are presented.
  • Do not try to get a Maine Coon at the “Bird Market”: they are not there!
  • If you are offered a cheap Maine Coon, then this should alert you.
  • Be especially careful if, in addition to Maine Coons, the apartment cattery is also breeding other popular cat breeds. It is necessary to make sure that the kitten is not the fruit of “interbreed love”. (If there are Britons in such a nursery, Coonies may have round eyes or small ears, which means that most likely their parents have sinned).
  • If you are denied a visit to the nursery under one pretext or another, then you should think: is everything there clean?
  • If you refuse to show the kitten’s mother or father, deception is likely.
Choosing A Maine Coon Kitten
  • If a kitten does not have tassels on its ears, it has a short tail, there is no “box” typical for Maine Coons, then everything will remain so. And no matter how they persuade you, do not believe: the tail will not lengthen, the tassels will not grow back, the box will not appear.
  • If you were offered a “show-class” kitten without restrictions on its use in breeding, it means that they want to deceive you: most likely, the animal does not correspond to the “show-class” and the “line” is of no interest to the breeder. Using it in breeding, you will only get one marriage.
  • When choosing a kitten, first of all, pay attention not to its color, but to its type. After all, “an animal in a good type” looks great in any color.
  • When choosing a kitten, keep in mind that today there are two main types of Maine Coon: European and American.
  • If you have a cattery and, purchasing a cat, you do not want to castrate it, then you should know that you are condemning both him and yourself to torment. Those who are engaged in mating their coons with domestic cats are rejected by the cune breeder’s community.
  • This breeder will certainly offer you to sign an agreement on the transfer of a kitten. The rules of the felinological systems prescribe the conclusion of agreements.
  • If you violate the signed agreement, you will probably avoid financial claims on the part of the breeder.
  • A self-respecting breeder offers only the best kittens for breeding. Although not immune from mistakes. As a rule, mating “on the side” for a kitten-cat is prohibited. It is for this reason that the purchase of male kittens is possible only if you have a cattery. In cats, such restrictions, as a rule, do not exist, since during its life a cat will be able to give birth to fewer kittens than a cat that is in “free swimming”.
  • There are no “show-class” kittens by birth. Even the best kitten cannot become a “show animal” without your help. In order for the animal to “star” at exhibitions, the work of a breeder is not enough, your painstaking daily work is necessary. After the first successful exhibition, your kitten will become a “show”.
  • A serious cattery must have its own website, which contains all the detailed information about cats, cats, kittens, graduates, juniors, mating plans and other information.

After all, if everything is honest, then there is nothing to hide. If a nursery does not have its own website, then animals from foreign nurseries cannot be there, since not one leading foreign nursery will sell its graduates to it.

European Maine Coons are characterized by a long tail (the tail is considered long if showing the animal in an exhibition stretch, it is equal or slightly longer than the extended hind legs), a longer body, “wild” look. The muzzle of the European Coon is slightly elongated and has a fairly well-developed box. Europeans have large, well-shaped ears with long brushes (which are clearly visible in kittens from birth).

Choosing A Maine Coon Kitten
  • If several animals in the nursery have been constantly mating with each other for several years, and there is no influx of “fresh blood”, then you should know that this is a “breeder” in front of you, not a breeder. He is interested in money, not animals.
  • A serious breeder will certainly invite you to his cattery and show you the cats and cats, help you with the choice, give all kinds of advice, answer all your questions.
  • If, when asked about the weight of a dad-cat, 10 or more kilograms are called, then you should ask to carry out a control weighing on an electronic scale. If you are refused, or they will tell you that dad is simply not in shape now, has lost a little weight, since he has not eaten for a week, then turn around and leave. After all, if you have been deceived in small things, they will also be deceived in more.
  • You should ask in which felinological system the nursery is registered.
  • If the nursery is located outside the city, then do not be lazy to go there. Think about where it is most convenient to keep a large number of animals, besides cats and cats separately? In a country house or in a city apartment?


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