Choosing The Right Dog Food


The choice of the type of dog food, is sometimes a difficult decision, we hear several opinions, suddenly we get lost.

Right Dog Food

Choosing the right dog food

Basically, we must consider some factors before any decision:

The age of the dog, his breed, his level / type of activity and his state of health.

Because puppies and older dogs have very different nutritional needs, and one must make sure that the dog or puppy has a sufficient intake of all the nutrients it needs. It is also essential to consult a veterinarian before deciding on the food for your dog.

There are several types of dog food available, which can be categorized into four categories:

• Dry food: Dry industrial food, the most used nowadays.
• Pâtés (in sachets, trays or boxes): Wet industrial food, also very widespread.
• Homemade rations: prepared daily at home with fresh foods.
• BARF: prepared with raw food.

If you opt for industrial ready food, such as cans or kibbles, there are different levels of quality:

High quality or premium foods that are adapted to each dog according to his breed, his age, his level of activity. Available at veterinarians.

Standard foods, available in supermarket or large distribution area.

Right Dog Food

Choosing the right dog food

1. Dry food

Be sure to read the ingredients label before buying.

Here are some tips to help you get an idea of ​​what the label actually tells you:

  • No preservatives, artificial colors and aromas

As a general rule, natural dog foods do not contain any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. The consumption of these components can affect the health of your dog if it is taken over a long period. Avoid products that claim to have “chemical additives as a source of flavor”.

  • Color

Look for the color of dog food, usually dog ​​food made from natural ingredients is in soft earth tones. The existence of other colors may contain a source of additives.

  • Type of meat

Avoid labeled brands “ingredients include meat by-products”. Choose a natural meat product such as chicken, lamb or liver.

2. Raw food

After consulting a veterinarian, know that feeding your dog with raw food is the healthiest and best. Raw dog food contains all natural and unprocessed ingredients.

A healthy raw dog food usually contains 40% meat, 30% fiber and 30% starch. So, when preparing a meal for your dog, be sure to include a source of vegetables and starch in addition to raw meat such as liver, beef, lamb, etc. The types of vegetables such as broccoli, carrots and yam fibers and starches for your dog.

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