Chow-Chow Tongue: Why Is It Blue?


Chow Chow is a Chinese breed of dog, a sign of purebredness is the blue tongue. But at what age does this characteristic blue appear and what does the absence of pigmentation indicate?

Chow-Chow Tongue
The color of the tongue is an indicator of the physical and psychological health of the pet.

Blue Chow Chow Tongue as a Sign of Thoroughbred

According to DNA tests, Chow Chow is one of the oldest breeds, whose homeland is China. Today the bear dog is known all over the world for its blue tongue. It is interesting that this distinctive feature is inherent in the Chow Chow from the very beginning of the development of the breed, because it was not subjected to selection work. It should be noted that the pigmentation of the lower part of the tongue is not taken into account when determining purebloodness.

Defects in the development of the breed:

  • Red or pink back of the tongue, sides;
  • The presence of two or more spots of pink or red color on the back of the tongue.

Various theories of the appearance of the blue tongue in the Chow Chow

Today, there are several possible theories of the appearance of the blue tongue in Chinese pets. Some dog handlers believe that the chow-chow is a descendant of an animal that descended from a dog and a small bear. In addition, a version is put forward that the beginning of the Chow Chow was given by the extinct wolves living at the North Pole and possessing a bright blue tongue. And also such an unusual color of the tongue is associated with the lack of oxygen experienced by pets living in the Arctic Circle. That is, the blue color is a kind of adaptation of the organism to the environment.

  • Polar bears also have a blue tongue.
  • There is one Chinese fairy tale that says that the Chow-Chow tongue acquired this color after the dog licked a piece of the sky that fell to the ground.
Chow-Chow Tongue
When buying a chow-chow puppy, you need to pay attention to the pigmentation of the tongue, if it is poorly expressed or there is a heterogeneous color, then it is better to refuse the purchase, because this fact has to do with the health of the dog

Chow-Chow Puppies Tongue Colors

Chow-chow puppies have a pale pink tongue for the first four weeks of life. Gradually, the color changes and turns blue. As a rule, the older the pet, the more saturated the color. If a one-and-a-half-month-old puppy has a pink tongue or spotting, then this indicates breed defects or health problems.

Chow-Chow Tongue
The presence of pink spots on the Chow Chow tongue may indicate health problems

How chow chow tongue color changes?

The color of the tongue can vary from light blue to dark blue depending on the mental and physical condition of the animal. So, in case of poor health, heat, emotional overstrain, the dog’s tongue acquires a lighter shade. It is also known that Chow Chow has a darker tongue color in winter than in summer. After transferring some diseases, light pink bald spots may appear on the pet’s tongue, which disappear after a while.

During the exhibition, it is the color of the language that is taken into account at the time of the demonstration.

Video: chow-chow – dogs with a blue tongue

The color of the Chow Chow tongue is an indicator not only of its purebredness, but also of health. Puppies with poorly expressed pigmentation of the tongue or with heterogeneity of color are discarded and selection is excluded.


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