Cockapoo | Hybrid Dog Breed Information & Facts


The cockapoo is, like many other breeds of hybrid dogs, one of the trend crosses in recent years. Its engaging appearance, like that shown by pomsky or maltipoo, shows that, more and more, people are looking for a partner with personality, whatever their breed.

Despite this, it is true that this particular hybrid breed is very popular, the result of the cross between a standard poodle and an English Cocker Spaniel. Do you want to know how the cockapoo was born and what it looks like? Find out in this ‘ Pets Feed ‘ article!


Origin of the cockapoo

The first recognized cockapoo specimens were born in the 1950s. They made it in the United States, where they became very popular in no time. They were beautiful and striking puppies, so they quickly arrived in other countries, until they were present all over the world. The breed is not officially recognized by international cynological organizations, which mention it as a hybrid or mixed breed. This fact means that there is no official breed standard, so all individuals that result from a cross between an English cocker spaniel and a standard poodle can automatically be considered a cockapoo.


Characteristics of the Cockapoo

The Cockapoo is a medium-sized dog, because although there is great variability between certain specimens and another, the average body weight is between 5 and 10 kilograms, with its usual size between 25 and 40 centimeters. It is a dog with a great longevity, since its average life expectancy varies from 14 to 18 years.

The appearance of this dog basically depends on the predominant genetic load in him. In this way, there will be specimens that are almost identical to a poodle or an English Cocker Spaniel, for example having the square muzzle of the cocker spaniel or the white fur of poodles. There are also specimens in which the balance between the two parental breeds is perfect, having the characteristics of both in equal measure.

In general, the most uniform characteristic shared by all the Cockapoo specimens, is that they are of medium size, with long ears and which fall on their cheeks and that their fur is long and wavy. They are also considered to be one of the ideal dog breeds for people allergic to dog hair, as they hardly lose any hair and are considered hypoallergenic.


Cockapoo character

Cockapoo are generally dogs with a very good character. They are sociable, extremely affectionate, enjoy company and attention, intelligent and active. They are popular as therapy and assistance dogs due to their kindness and balanced character.

These are dogs that establish close ties with their loved ones, and not only with people, but also with other dogs or pets. This makes them show behaviors that show their love for their owners, such as following them around the house, sitting on their feet, or demanding affection and attention in the most engaging and fun way.

But that also doesn’t make them tolerant of loneliness, so they’re not a good choice if we generally spend a lot of time at work or away from home in general. In these cases, the cockapoo usually develops problems such as anxiety, depression or even exhibits destructive or aggressive behavior.


Cockapoo health

The cockapoo stands out for being one of the hybrid breeds with generally good health. However, the tendency to suffer from certain congenital diseases can inherit both poodles and cockers.

One of these conditions is the greatest tendency to suffer from hearing infections such as otitis. This condition is also painful, quite dangerous if not treated in time, as it can cause permanent deafness. Therefore, if we notice symptoms that make us suspect an ear infection, such as scratching the area more than normal, showing pain or being agitated, we should go to the veterinarian, who can recommend us to do hearing cleanings, using a special product.

Other conditions that can occur are dislocation of the knee, inherited from the cocker spaniel and affecting the health of his knees, or eye problems such as progressive atrophy of the retina, common in poodles. Therefore, we recommend veterinary visits every 6 or 12 months to help us follow an adequate preventive medication, also strictly monitoring the vaccination schedule and performing periodic deworming, internal and external.


Is the Cockapoo an apartment dog?

The Cockapoo is a selected breed bred as a companion dog, so it is happy to live in the apartment.

He enjoys spending a lot of time with his family and can suffer from separation anxiety if he is left alone for long periods: if he is neglected or isolated, he tends to be sad and express his disappointment by showing himself insulted.

The Cockapo is not a noisy dog, although energetic and inclined to play. As already said, it is an obedient dog that does not require large spaces and, well educated from a young age, he knows how to feel calm and calm in his place.

Basic care

The Cockapoo, although not too whimsical in care, nevertheless, the pet should be given some attention. To do this, you will have to stock up on strength and responsibility.

Pay particular attention to grooming your Cockapoo coat. To preserve its beauty, you need to comb it out regularly. To prevent tangles, it is worth doing the procedure 3-4 times a week.

Take your pet to a dog beauty salon and have a professional grooming every year. Of course, you will have to spend money, but the result is worth it. If there are not enough funds, then follow the procedure yourself at home: you need to cut off the hair and claws, buy the fluffy, comb it well, clean and process the ears, teeth, and examine the eyes.

Important! Bathing the dog should be carried out no more than 1 time in 3-4 weeks, since frequent exposure to water and shampoos will fade the natural beauty and health of the fur of the fluffy.

A Cockapoo needs physical activity. Try to go for a walk with him more often. Representatives of the breed love to eat deliciously, so they should definitely spend their calories somewhere. The walk should last at least 1.5 hours a day. You can play with the dog at home. For this, balls, plates, rope are suitable – any toys that your apartment will not suffer from.

Cockapoo dogs lend themselves well to training and education. Even a child can teach a dog to simple tricks. But when it comes to obedience and the foundations of behavior, here the owner must take over. Only specialists will be able to instill guard qualities in a Cockapoo dog. If you are not planning to participate in exhibitions, a regular training course is all what you need.



Cockapoo are energetic and intelligent dogs, which in short means that they need the right amount of daily exercise and mental stimulation to be truly happy, well-balanced and obedient dogs.

They should be given 40 to 60 minutes of exercise a day. A shorter walk in the morning would be nice, but a longer and more interesting one in the afternoon. These dogs also like being able to walk around in a back yard as often as possible so that they can really let off steam. However, the fence must be extremely secure to keep these dogs active and curious, because if they find a weakness in the fence, they will soon escape and have all kinds of problems.

Beware of the cold: for these specimens, in winter, it is better to have a coat for daily outings with your four-legged friend.


Everyone knows that the cocker spaniel and poodle love to eat well. Accordingly, the Cockapoo dog has this quality. Due to the tendency to overeat, it is very important to monitor the animal’s diet. Eating should take place at the set time; you should not feed the Cockapoo dog with food from the table. Eliminate all delicacies except canine. The reward for a treat can be done as praise for excellent behavior, for success in training. However, you should not do this every day, otherwise the dog will quickly get fat.

The diet must contain lean meat with various cereals and vegetables. Dairy products should be given no more than 2 times every 5-7 days. To maintain vigor and health, give your pet vitamin complexes in the form of supplements. Natural food can be used as feed, but if possible, it is better to give preference to premium dry food.

There are several rules to help you provide your pet with the right food:

  • It is necessary to give food to the dog at the same time;
  • You can not treat your pet with food from your table;
  • It is recommended to exclude all delicacies, except for dogs;
  • Give snacks to the dog only for any success – good behavior, successful execution of commands, etc.

With natural feeding, the basis of the animal’s diet should be lean meat. It can be given with cereals and vegetables. Fermented milk products are given regularly, but not more often than 2 times a week. If the owner feeds the pet in this way, the dog will need additional vitamin and mineral supplements.



As already noted, Cockapoo dogs are distinguished by high intelligence and quick-wittedness, therefore they are able to master a program of any complexity without much difficulty. Obedience lessons are easy enough for them, and with the right approach, the owner gets an executive and disciplined pet.

During training, you should be firm, but you must take into account the sensitivity of these dogs. The dog reacts sharply even to a slight change in intonation, so you do not need to be too harsh or rude.

Cockapoo Dog Highlights

No shedding. Cockapoo dogs do not shed and are hypoallergenic, therefore they are suitable for people who suffer from allergies.

Lack of characteristic odor. Unlike other breeds, the Cockapooes do not emit a specific smell, even when there is a long break between bathing.

High level of activity. This is one of the dogs with which you can spend a long time outdoors, play, swim, and at the same time the pet will do all this with pleasure and will not get tired.

Nice look. Looking into their eyes, you cannot resist. Their gaze is a merciless weapon, capable of breaking even the most severe master.

Friendliness. Representatives of the breed always want to know everything; they get along well with people and animals.

Companion dog. Cockapoo love for you will grow with every beat of his little heart, this dog will always be there.

Get along well with children and animals. Cockapoo are peaceful, social and gentle creatures, wonderful companions. If you have a kid who has just begun to explore the world, the cockapu will gladly help him with this.


Cockapoo Dog Breed Facts

Positive points

  • Cockapoo have beautiful natures.
  • They are very intelligent and therefore easy to train.
  • They have low to lint-free coats.
  • They are energetic and playful.
  • The cockapoo remain like puppies well in their later years.
  • They are perfect with children of all ages, making them wonderful pets.
  • Cockapoo are available in all kinds of colors and sizes.

Negative points

  • They thrive on human company and therefore suffer from separation anxiety.
  • Cockapoo require high maintenance on the grooming front.
  • Well-behaved puppies are expensive to buy.
  • Cockapoo puppies are noisy and the playing time can be rough.
  • If they are not well socialized, Cockapoo often turn into “barkers”.

Other information about the Cockapoo dog

The Cockapoo, having half of the poodle’s genes, loses very little hair and has an almost imperceptible coat.

Although it cannot be guaranteed that this dog is completely harmless to allergy sufferers, it is still a good dog in case someone in the family has problems, precisely because of this minimal hair loss. Obviously, we remember that it must be brushed frequently.

In specimens with dominant genetic characteristics of the poodle, the dimensions can be defined “mini”: in this case, in fact, the appearance of the Cockapoo will be very similar to that of a breed of toy dog.