Dog Shows Everyone How Much He Loves Going To The Beach

cocker spaniel dog shows love beach

A charming cocker spaniel named Narcos discovered the beach when he was only 3 months old and definitely fell head over heels in love right away. He enjoyed running on the sand and watching the waves; He also loved to roll around, and his mother, Euphémie Brindejonc, seeing his happiness realized that he would have to visit the beach from now on whenever he had the opportunity.

His favorite game on the beach is fetching the ball. Narcos really gets excited when they start to play; he jumps so high in the air to catch the ball, and ends up totally covered in water and sand. The adorable little dog enjoys the beach to the fullest, and seeing his excitement is incredible for his mother.

Euphémie told The Dodo:

[He loves] running after seagulls, sniffing in the dunes, swimming in hot weather and meeting friends.

Dog shows how much he loves going to the beach

Seeing the happiness of Narcos while he enjoyed the day at the beach, his mother decided to photograph him while he played happily and took great jumps; he looked fabulous as he flew through the air, and of course the photos turned out to be perfect.

You can see how Narcos is jumping for joy, as his wonderful fur flutters in the wind. He was so excited running along the beach, that his happiness stands out in each of the snapshots recorded by his mother.

Euphémie says:

Most of the photos I take are during play sessions. He always gives his best, he has a great time!

The woman decided to publish the incredible photographs of Narcos enjoying a sunny day at the beach on her Instagram account so that all people can enjoy and be infected with the emotion of this dog, and of course thousands of Internet users have been amused to see the joy on the face of Narcos.

Euphémie added:

I think 100 percent of people laugh. His long ears and all of his weightless hair on his, it’s so much fun to watch. He puts so much into it that you can’t help but smile.

There is no doubt that Narcos loves to visit the beach; flying through the air while the breeze caresses him and ending up covered in water and sand completely, it is simply the best moment of his day.

You can enjoy many of Narcos’ adventures on his Instagram and TikTok accounts.

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